Big Body Bes Net Worth 2021 | Age, Height & Biography

NetWorth $1.5M
Real name: Besnik Sadikay
Nationality: Albanian-American
Began career: 2011
Education: Forest Hills High School
Record labels: Unsigned
Music genres: Hip hop
Associated acts: Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Roc Marciano, The Alchemist, Harry Fraud, Knxwledge.

Big Body Bes is a rapper from the United States who is nearly 340 pounds and stands at 6 feet 3 inches. The rapper Action Bronson, who bailed him out of jail to perform with him, is more famous for bringing him along with him to his shows. He is known as a very carefree person, and he is happy to work on his own terms.

Big Body Bes Early Life

Albanian parents gave birth to Besnik E. Sadikaj in New York on August 26, 1984. When he was 16, he settled down in Brooklyn after moving around with his parents several times as a kid. Big Body Bes suffered from poverty and moved around a lot as a child. At the early age of 13, after running around with bad crowds at age 11, he was convicted of assault and robbery for the first time.

The lifestyle he led at the beginning of his career was that of a thug. Prior to his arrest for Grand Larceny in the third degree, he continued to sell drugs and even joined a drug cartel. Action Bronson, his friend, bailed him out after almost four months in jail. He received an 18-month sentence after being found guilty.

At this point in time, Big Body Bes was beginning to turn his life around in a positive way. Continuing to enjoy the party and drug culture, he joined Action Bronson, for whom he is known simply as an “Albanian Cousin“, owing to their similarities as childhood companions.

His music career began and he joined his tour. During this time, Action Bronson featured him on his track “Dr Lecter.” He had a lot of feedback from people in the industry. Often referred to as Big Body Bes Bronson’s weed man, or hype man, they call Big Body Bes Bronson. The two of them both instantly refuted this claim. He considers himself to be a boss and believes he is a force to be reckoned with.

He replied that he has a lady who holds his weed for him, suggesting that he was far too big for anyone to deal with him. Originally known as Big Body Bes Net Worth, he made his TV debut on Action Bronson’s F*ck, That’s Delicious show. During his journeys around the world, Bronson, the former chef, tried each local cuisine in every place that he stopped. As a frequent guest, Big Body Bes would participate in the foods that he would be served and try them out with him. As a result, he was invited to guest star in other programs as well.

A Star-Spangled Journey

Additionally, Big Body Bes appeared on Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens as part of Traveling the Stars Action. While watching the ancient alien shows with Bronson, he provided commentary while getting high. The artist has also been featured in more than a dozen songs by multiple artists since 2011. Among his closest associations are Action Bronson, but he also worked with Meyhem Lauren, Hologram, The Alchemist, Harry Fraud, Budgie, Jay Worthy, Polo 100, Roc Marciano, Party Supplies, and others. His collaborations with Mac Miller and Chance the Rapper stand out.

The Atlanta rapper has not released any of his own albums despite his close association with them, and his sole single is “Homicide,” which isn’t on any label. The connection between him and other artists was widely credited with his success. He still manages to be a boss despite this. Seeing himself as an independent artist who works on his own terms, Big Body Bes does not regard himself as belonging to any group. In addition to being a good speaker, he is well known by his friends for loving life and being exceptionally carefree.

Big Body Bes Relationships & Romance

In view of his checkered past, you might expect that he would have some stories about his exploits with women or relationships with women. The relationship between the two is unknown, nor is it documented. That does not mean, however, that he had no interest in women or no sexual life. Big Body Bes talked about partying with Action Bronson during a 2015 interview. During these parties, he openly admitted to using drugs and to meeting women. The sexual element is definitely present, but due to his private nature, he declined to elaborate any further. It’s always about the women for me, but sometimes there are misconceptions about them,” he said.

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Approximately how much money is Big Body Bes worth

In the rap community, Big Body Bes has made a name for himself and has contributed to several songs. Big Body Bes doesn’t have a high estimate of his net worth because he hasn’t released any albums of his own. It is only through his collaborations that he earns income. Besnik told Complex that he is more of a behind-the-scenes boss. My apologies. There’s a mixtape I’m working on. It doesn’t look like he has any sponsors or connections aimed directly at himself. He is free to do exactly what he wants without any obligations. The net worth of rapper Big Body Bes is therefore estimated to be $1.5 million.

Towards the Future

“F*ck, That’s Delicious” is losing several of Action Bronson’s friends, including Big Body Bes. It’s not clear why they would make such a decision, but because of their history together, it’s unlikely that they had a falling out. His goal is to put out a few singles and maybe an album of his own when he’s finished working on his own music. The possibility of him also appearing on more albums is not far away. The more he becomes known, the more mainstream artists he will join. The world will become more familiar with his name as he becomes more visible.

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