Top 10 Websites Watch Cartoons Online Free 2020


Children, as well as teens, spend so much time watching cartoons every day and in case they give up on an episode then try to find it on the Internet. The cartoon characters have increased in recent years as cartoon movies and anime have gained much popularity, but some of them are not available on the famous TV channels.

Online websites are definitely a good solution that not only allows viewers to watch the latest movies of their favorite cartoon character, but also lets them search for classic movies and watch them one by one as they see fit. There are many scam websites that offer free content, but most of them do not provide a link for streaming. Instead, they ask for credit card details to go further.

Best Sites to Watch Cartoons Online For Free 2020

Cartoon On

Here in this article, we would like to give the details of some of the best free cartoon / anime websites that allow you to enjoy movies for free and are safe.

Without a doubt, Cartoon On is one of the best websites that allows users to watch cartoons and anime online for free. The website is very responsive and works well with all types of devices such as smartphone, computer, tablet, iPad, etc.

You can watch cartoons online through direct links for streaming. There are no unwanted pop-up ads and adult ads to show on the website so that you can easily watch your favorite show with your family members. They have a huge collection and you can choose from various characters such as Mickey Mouse , Tom and Jerry and find the videos according to studios like the Warner brothers or Walt Disney.

Disney Junior

Disney Junior

Disney Junior is one of the most famous sites which has an easy to use interface and allows users to watch cartoons online for free . You can watch all the popular Disney cartoons like Micky Mouse , Donald Duck , etc. The site is obstructed in many countries, but you can use VPN to see your favorite cartoons. One of the best things is that there are no irritating pop-up ads that spoil the fun while watching an anime.


Millions of users around the world spend as much time daily on this site. YouTube is the best platform for downloading, watching and sharing all kinds of videos and definitely cartoon characters and animes are no exceptions. There are hundreds of movies and cartoon shows available online and you can find them using the search bar at the top by entering the name of that character or movie series. Watching a video on YouTube is free. Although, pop-up banner ads are bothersome.

Watch Cartoon Online

The site is highly recommended to look online for free as it gives you the variety of them. The home page of the site is made up of a huge repertoire of several anime and allows you to enjoy the most famous characters such as Teen Titans Go.

Uncle Grandpa Season 2 , Clarence Episode and many more. There are many cartoon movies available too. There is only one problem that when you watch an anime or cartoon you are disturbed by pop-up ads most of the time.

Nick Toon

The anime available on the site is limited to only Nick cartoons, yet the site is very popular among teens. The website provides a nice platform to watch Nick’s cartoon movies online for free.

There is a huge collection available and viewers can choose from their favorite characters such as Razmoket , Square-pants , Avatar , Jimmy Neutron , SpongeBob Square-Pants , Hey Arnold and many more. You will not encounter any problem while streaming videos online.

GO GO Anime

It is one of the best sites which allows users to watch cartoons online for free and also provides the dubbed version of any anime in English. You can watch the anime at the best possible speed without using VPN as the site is available worldwide.

They have a huge collection and you can find almost all kinds of cartoon characters out there. Video quality is also good for providing good experience on mobile as well as on PC.


Are you a big fan of classic cartoon characters like Popeye the Sailor Man , Looney Tunes or Tom And Jerry and want to see their best videos online for free? If yes, then ToonJet is the site you are looking for.

The site offers a smooth online broadcast of popular cartoon shows and does not require the user to register to watch an online video. However, logging into your account provides additional features, such as the profile page, which allows you to access the videos optimally. The website is responsive and looks great on all types of screens.

Anime Center

Anime Center is one of the biggest anime sites on which you can watch cartoons online for free in the English language, which are dubbed/subbed. Anime Center gives multiple mirrors of all cartoon episodes in HD quality so that you can enjoy free cartoons online.

Further, you can also check upcoming dubbed events on this site, and you can also chat with guys having similar feelings with you from the chat box, which placed at the bottom in site.

Anime Toon

Anime Toon is one more most excellent site to watch cartoons online. AnimeToon owns more than 100 cartoon movies in its database for its users. You can watch cartoons and movies also on this site. Further, you can too check out Dubbed Anime. You can also sort cartoon series from various genres like Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, etc.