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Celebrities often contribute to the increase in sales of various products when they announce their use of them, especially when they contract on electronic or television advertising campaigns, but it is surprising that many of them spoiled the ads themselves and caused a noticeable decline in sales.

Some of them used competing products, some criticized the product they were appointed to promote, others spoiled the campaign with insulting statements, and in the following lines, we review them in the following lines.

1- Sarah Al Shami (Huawei)

The young actress, Sarah Al-Shami, was subjected to a campaign of global ridicule on social media in 2018, after she published a picture from the scenes of her advertisement with actor Ahmed Magdy for the Huawei phone, and the picture revealed that the “selfie” that she took was not from a mobile camera, but from a photographic camera.

Sarah published a new photo from her advertisement for the new phone, which brings her together with actor Ahmed Magdy, through her account on the Instagram application, and commented: I like to clarify one need. And the words that I damaged the product are untrue, and refer to the article of Keith Lee – Vice President of Huawei Egypt.

Ahmed Magdy and Sarah Al-Shami

Keith Lee commented on the matter, saying: “I confirm that it is normal in filming any promotional advertisement to use all photographic equipment, whether cameras or their attachments, and preparatory sessions are held to adjust the best possible photographic settings .. The main purpose of this advertising campaign is to indicate how to use The advantages of the Nova 3 and Nova 3i phones, especially the camera phones, and that the content of this ad is for promotion only and the ad images were for reference only and for the purpose of video shooting, because video shooting naturally requires a specific type of content, in addition to that all this information was mentioned in the notice at the end of the ad “.

2- Ronaldinho (Coca-Cola)

Coca-Cola terminated its contract with Brazilian player Ronaldinho after he was seen drinking Pepsi at a press conference in 2012, and the contract value was 500,000 euros.


“The company had been planning to terminate the contract for a while, but after he drank Pepsi we took the final decision. Ronaldinho did not live up to expectations and his name was associated with more negative news than positive,” said marketing chief Marcelo Pontes.

3. Sharon Stone (Dior)

The Chinese government banned Sharon Stone’s advertisements for Dior after she commented on the earthquake that struck China and killed 68,000 citizens, and said: “I am not happy with the way the Chinese treat Tibetans because I do not think that anyone should be cruel to anyone else .. Is this earthquake the bad karma that has befallen them as a result of their actions?”

Sharon Stone

Sharon apologized for her remarks, saying, “I regret my words. I did not mean to hurt anyone. I apologise.” However, the cancellation of the ad from China greatly affected Dior and reduced its sales because the Chinese market was the most developed at the time.

4- Nicki Minaj (T-Mobile)

Nicki Minaj appeared in 2016 in a commercial for the telecommunications network “T-Mobile”, in which the rapper discovers that her boyfriend, Stephen, has to choose between watching her clips and watching Snapchat because Verizon allows him limited internet, but she is after a man with unlimited internet It is provided by T-Mobile.

But Nicki was put in an embarrassing situation when she posted a picture of her mobile and the name of the “Verizon” network at the top of the screen, after which the official account of Verizon published a tweet that read, “Nicki Minaj promotes T-Mobile but uses Verizon.”

Nicki Minaj

Nikki captioned a tweet to Verizon that read: “Congratulations, but you made a fool of yourselves. This picture is from my photographer’s laptop. I’m with T-Mobile Unlimited Internet forever.”

5. David Beckham (Brylcreem)

British soccer star David Beckham collaborated on Brylcream hair cream campaigns with a $6 million, four-year contract, but two years later, the player shaved off his hair.

David Beckham

Beckham and the company received ridicule from fans because it would be difficult to promote the cream with a model without hair, but the company released a statement that read: “The contract does not say that his hair has to be a certain length or look, and we do not plan to terminate the contract because of his hairstyle.”

David Beckham

Brylcreem sales fell 25% as a result of Beckham’s haircut.

6. Alicia Keys (Blackberry)

The star, Alicia Keys, was appointed technical director of BlackBerry, but she received criticism in 2013 when she published a tweet from the iPhone, and although she said that her account had been hacked, she separated from the position a year after her appointment.

7. Oscar Pistorius (Nike)

South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius shot to fame prior to the 2012 London Olympics, winning gold medals at three consecutive Paralympic Games before becoming the first amputee to qualify for the Olympics.

Oscar Pistorius

Nike quickly canceled its contract with Oscar in 2013 after he was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, and shot her thinking she was an intruder in his home, especially because the campaign slogan was “I am the bullet in the room”, a reference to his quick wit.

8 Charlize Throne (Raymond Weil)

The star Charlize Throne had contracted in 2005 with the Raymond Weil watch brand on an advertising campaign worth $ 3 million, and the actress was obligated to wear a Raymond watch in every public appearance, but she appeared wearing a Dior watch at a film festival.

Charlize Throne

As a result of her mistake, the company sued the actress for breach of contract and demanded $20 million, but only received the $3 million initially paid to her.

9. Helena Bonham Carter (Yardley)

The audience was surprised when the British actress Helena Bonham Carter was chosen to be the ambassador of the Yardley cosmetics brand, and the actress herself agreed with them, saying: “I don’t know why they chose me. I don’t even wear makeup.”

Helena Bonham Carter

As a result of this statement, the company terminated its contract with the actress, which was worth 500 thousand euros.

10. LeBron James (Samsung)

Basketball star LeBron James did not receive any consequences for this error, but Samsung received a huge amount of ridicule.

LeBron James

LeBron James was hired by Samsung to promote the Galaxy Note III in 2014, but one day he tweeted: “My phone erased everything on it. Worst feeling I’ve ever had.”

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