9 stars will return to cinema in 2023

Mohamed Kenawy (Cairo)

9 artists announced the return to the cinema and the presentation of films from their heroism during the coming period, after an absence that lasted for several long years. In the following lines, Al-Ittihad sheds light on the details of these new works or the implementation of what was postponed.

“the ruler”
After an absence of 12 years, since his last work, the movie “One Right”, Hani Salama contracted to star in the movie “The Ruler”, written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin, directed by Albert Makram, co-starring Mai Omar, and filming begins within days, knowing that a large number will be filmed. Scenes from Abu Dhabi.

“the bogeyman”
After an absence of five years since he presented the movie “Casablanca” in 2019, Amir Karara returns to the cinema with the movie “The Bogeyman”, which was called “The Day of the Resignation of a Criminal”, written by Ihab Blebel and directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, in which he presents the role of a criminal who abandons crime and faces with His friend many positions.

“A Zero”
Muhammad Ramadan returns to the cinema after an absence of four years since he presented the second part of “The Treasure” in 2019, through two films, the first “A Al Zero” with Nelly Karim and Joumana Murad, written by Medhat Al-Adl and directed by Mando Al-Adl, and the second “Marzouk and Ito” written by Amr Mahmoud. Yassin, directed by Mohamed Samir, through which he presents the characters of a famous scientist, and his brother is a football player.

“Passport to health”
Ghada Abdel Razek has been absent from the cinema for 5 years since her participation in the movie “Karmouz War”, and she returns with three films at once, the first “Two Two” with Zina and written by Mohamed Mabrouk and directed by Hazem Fouda, and the second “Passport with Wellness” with Ahmed Adam, directed by Sherif Ismail, And the third, “Party 9”, with Tariq Lotfi and Ahmed Wafik.

“My dog ​​and his key”
Hani Ramzy appears, after an absence of 5 years since his presentation of “My installment hurts me”, through the movie “My Dog and its Key”, written by Hamdi Youssef and directed by Ahmed Nour, and discusses the suffering of alienation, and how alienation seduces young people as if it is a magic lantern that brings them wealth in a short time, to reveal It is an “illusion”.

“Son of Hajj Ahmed”
Chico returns after an absence of three years with the movie “Ibn Al-Hajj Ahmed.” He said: I finished filming the entire work, and it will be shown next Eid Al-Fitr, co-starring Sayed Ragab and Aida Riyad, and I embody the role of a young man working with his father in a grocery store.

“Eyal sandwich”
After an absence of 4 years, since his last work, “Live Your Life” in 2019, Sameh Hussein returns to the cinema with the movie “Sandwich Children” with Nour Qadri, written by Tariq Ramadan and directed by Hani Hamdi. Sometimes because of parents.

“He who stole something should return it.”
Mostafa Shaaban announced his return to the cinema after an absence of 13 years since he presented the movie “Al-Watr” in 2010, when he contracted to star in a movie entitled “Whoever Stole Something, Return It”, directed by Magdy El-Hawary, and takes place within the framework of a romantic comedy action.

Sumaya al-Khashab revealed her return to cinema after an absence of 8 years, since her last film, “The Big Night”, with the movie “Tarot”, written by Moataz Al-Mufti, directed by Ibram Nashat, and belongs to the suspenseful works.

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