“A scene in the bed”… Ilham Abdel-Badie surprises about a well-known director and the roles of temptation

Saturday, 14-01-2023
10:54 p.m

The artist, Elham Abdel Badie, was a guest on a TV program, and she talked about the most prominent difficulties she went through in her personal life and her period of depression, and revealed her opinion on the roles of seduction.
We show you the most prominent statements of the artist, Elham Abdel Badie
– I spoke to the artist, Tamer Hosni, on my wedding day, and it was coming, but it was late.. and Hamada Helal surprised me despite his travel to Lebanon.

– The thing that annoys me the most about my husband’s son is that he talks and there are people around him.. and this is not possible because I am an actress.

– Walid didn’t understand me at first.. but he was sticking to me and tried a lot for me.

– I am 8 years older than my husband.. and most of my family objected to the marriage.

– I lived the pinnacle of success in my twenties.. and now I can’t appear in the role of the daughter because of my age.

– My grandmother was my whole life.. and my mind didn’t realize that one day she would die.

– I got depressed after my grandmother died and I tried to commit suicide.

I got depressed after the series “Wlad 9” because I delved deeper into the character.

– I had another bout of depression, but it was stronger.. and I got semi-paresis, and thank God the doctor saved me.

– I wish to sing with Tamer Hosni..and I was different with Karim Abdel Aziz in Zaybak.

– I told Muhammad Ramadan that I would like to work with you, but this year I will work with Adel Imam.

– Half of the Egyptian people loved me in the energy of fate.. and the other half in Zaybak.

– Ilham Shaheen and Laila Elwi are history…and the closest to my personality is Laila Elwi.

I left my job as an assistant director to become an actress.

– I don’t have Levantine roots, I am very Shabrawi.

– I was trying not to stop acting.. It was the disease that stopped me for a while.

– I make songs in which I express my energy because I feel that I am far from the camera.. and Egypt’s first singer is the artist Angham.

– Temptation is of two types, with a touch of movement and simple things.. but I don’t do these things.

– I was offered to star in a movie with a very senior director, and I did not agree because of a scene in the bed.. Seduction films are no longer being made in Egypt as in the past.

– I miss cinema.. and all the roles that come to me are stronger in drama.

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