A strawberry seed led Shakira to expose Pique’s betrayal

Despite their separation several months ago, the relationship of the famous singer Shakira and the former Barcelona star, Gerard Pique, still excites followers, especially since the media revealed a new development in the case.

magazine revealedFour Four TwoThe specialist in football and the celebrities of the game, that the first time Shakira became suspicious, was when she returned home after traveling, when she found a piece of strawberry jam in her refrigerator, while neither of them, not even their young ones, liked this kind of jam.

From that moment on, Shakira began looking into the possibility of Pique having a relationship with a second woman, who may have entered her house in her absence.

After a period in which the media circulated several speculations about the relationship of the two stars, it was finally revealed that they were actually in the process of separating, following Pique’s “betrayal” of Shakira, but without any details about the beginning of the story, or how Shakira knew about the presence of a second person in the life of her companion.

After the breakup, Shakira released a song “ridiculing” her ex-boyfriend, Pique, and achieved records that exceeded 71 million views after more than 24 hours.

Shakira noted in her song that Pique “exchanged Ferrari for a Renault, and exchanged a Rolex watch for a Casio watch.”

In the song, she said that she is at a level “above his level (Pique), and that is why he is with someone just like him,” and invited him to spend time training his “mind” just as he spends time training in the gym.

And the media said that Pique bought a Casio watch and a Renault Twingo car, in response to the ridicule of his ex-girlfriend.

Pique was associated with the Lebanese-Colombian singer, Shakira, after they met during the filming of the video clip for the song “Waka Waka” during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, which his country won for the first time, according to a report by Agence France-Presse.

And the Barcelona defender, surprisingly, announced in November that he would retire from football at the age of 35.

Pique won eight La Liga titles with Barcelona, ​​the Champions League three times (2009, 2011 and 2015), the King’s Cup seven times, in addition to other titles.

He played with the Spanish national team between 2009 and 2018, and won the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 European Cup, before retiring internationally after the World Cup in Russia.

Pique and Shakira have two sons, and last June they announced their separation.

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