After 25 years .. “Titanic” returns to the cinema with the approach of Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Disney announced the re-release of “Titanic” in cinemas on February 10, to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its release on December 19, 1997.
And the American “Times Now” website revealed that the new screening of the film, which has achieved more than $ 2 billion at the box office, will be with two technologies, the first is 3D “3D”, and the second is regular “K4” in several countries around the world, where the filmmakers published pictures. And a new “trailer” for the updated version.

Directed by international director James Cameron, this film is considered the cinematic work that changed the course of its two heroes, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and made them among the first stars, with 11 Oscars in 1998.

Titanic is considered one of the best films in the history of cinema, as it was nominated for 14 Oscars and won 11, including the categories: Best Film, Director, Cinematography, Best Sound, Editing, and Visual Effects. It was also nominated for a large number of awards and won in international festivals, and is considered one of the most important successes of Hollywood stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

the story of the movie
The film revolves around the Titanic, the giant English passenger steamer, the largest at the time, whose makers assured that it would not sink, but on its first flight in 1912 from London to New York across the Atlantic Ocean, and four days after its launch, it collided with an iceberg before midday. Shortly at night, which led to its complete sinking, two hours and forty minutes after the moment of the collision, and there were 2223 passengers on board, of whom 706 people survived, while 1517 people died.

The film narrated a fictional love story that brought together Rose (Kate Winslet), a descendant of the rich, and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio), who belongs to the hard-working class, but won two tickets on board the giant ship on its first and last voyage and was eternal love between them.

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