After the fierce documentary…Prince William’s first reaction to “Harry’s act”

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And with Netflix broadcasting the first episode of the Harry and Meghan documentary, an unexpected reaction erupted from Prince Williamwhere he touched on a completely distant issue, ignoring the movie and what his brother did.

On the day of the show, William revealed that he had “lost a close friend in Kenya and has other things on his mind.”.

He said in his first public comment since Harry and Meghan DocumentaryHe said Prince of Wales In a tweet on Twitter: “Yesterday, I lost a friend who dedicated his life to protecting wildlife in some of East Africa’s most famous national parks. He was killed. Mark Jenkins and his son Peter tragically lost their lives when they flew over Tsavo National Park while on air patrol..

He added, “Tonight, I am thinking of Mark’s wife, family and colleagues, who sadly lost a man we all loved and admired.”

What did the close ones say?

Sources close to the royal family told the British Daily Mail newspaper, “It is unlikely that William will reconcile with Harry, after his betrayal (because of the documentary shown on Netflix).”

The newspaper quoted sources as saying that Prince William, 40, was “furious at the lack of respect he felt”. Harry Show it to their grandmotherQueen Elizabeth II) while she was alive, during his departure from the royal family and his move to live in the United States.

And the sources believe that “Prince William has not watched the documentary yet, but he is likely to do so at some point,” noting that “he will not do much to change William’s mind.”

She added that Prince William “does not trust his brother’s motives, given that Harry has a deal to also publish a book early next year.”.

A friend of Prince William said: “The Prince is a very private man, and what Harry does is anathema to everything he believes in. In that regard alone, many believe he is unlikely to be able to repair his relationship with them (Harry and Megan)”.

As the newspaper “The Mail” revealed, on Friday, how the insiders of the affairs of the Royal familyThey were particularly upset by the program’s criticism of Queen Elizabeth and her legacy Commonwealth”.

And one of the sources indicated that “Harry and Megan previously held the position of president and vice president of the (Queens Commonwealth Trust), which supports the empowerment of youth in the Commonwealth countries, and they were happy to be associated with it, until they left their jobs to earn money.”

Those close to the royal family also felt that “the Sussex family’s decision to secretly record 15 hours of their diaries on video, which they handed over to the documentary filmmakers, was a shocking betrayal of trust,” especially since filming began in March 2020, nearly 12 months before they officially stepped down. their position as senior members of the royal family.

Another source said: “Harry has vowed to protect his grandmother throughout this whole story – making it clear repeatedly how much he respects her and keeping her out of his allegations of racism. However, that’s what they’ve been up to all along?…it’s appalling.”

It is noteworthy that Harry and Megan signed lucrative deals, believed to be worth more than 100 million pounds sterling, with Netflix and Spotify, after their departure from the royal family..

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