Ali Al-Khawar and Aryam brought together by Shatt Al-Arab

The spontaneity and atmosphere of poetry and singing embodied the common denominator of the new program, “Shatt Al-Arab”, which the audience watched with interest throughout the days of the “Gulf 25” competitions hosted by the Iraqi city of Basra, leaving a number of positive impressions and enthusiastic reactions, most of which related to the program’s new experiences and its joyful atmosphere. , which was ably co-dedicated on the screen, and for the first time together, by the poet Ali Al-Khawar and the artist Aryam, who presented a successful media (duet) model over 14 television episodes, which brought together dozens of guests from artists, writers and poets from the Emirates and various Arab Gulf countries.

The experience of the new duo, which the audience watched throughout the episodes of the program, constituted one of the biggest beautiful surprises for the audience, who was able today to restore the few media appearances of the presenters of the new program, despite the wide audience enjoyed by both Ali Al-Khawar and Aryam, which was confirmed by Aryam. In her private meeting with «Emirates Today», she said, “The audience has already seen me in previous experiences in the field of television presentation in programs such as (Jawahir) on Dubai TV, which coincided with my master’s degree in media,” describing her new experience in “Shatt al-Arab.” » With the exceptional opportunity that I gathered with the poet of the homeland, Ali Al-Khawar, stressing, “It is a new experience. Long-standing cooperation and brotherhood.

She added, “The audience was able to see the features of this spontaneity through the clear harmony and harmony on the screen, and in the various stages of the program, and the experiences of its guests, who are basically our mutual friends.”

And about the most difficult situations that she was exposed to and her confrontations with the challenges of the camera, Aryam confirmed that the feeling of fear quickly faded, thanks to the atmosphere of enthusiasm and cooperation devoted by the program team, and it was increased by her exchange of roles with Ali Al-Khawar, by reciting verses of poetry, while the poet of the homeland succeeded in presenting lyrical passages. It was a pleasant surprise for everyone.

Passionate follower

The Emirati poet Ali Al-Khawar expressed his happiness at returning to the field of presenting television programs, after a hiatus that lasted about 25 years, after his experience in the poetic program “Colors”, after which Al-Khawar returned to overlook the audience and fans of the round in “Shatt Al-Arab”, which he was able to reap. High viewership rates, despite its short duration associated with the “Gulf 25” championship, revealing at the same time his great passion for following current sporting events, by saying, “I consider myself a passionate and extraordinary follower of the Gulf Cup since its first sessions, which helped me a lot in this program, with cooperation, of course.” With an integrated and professional preparation team, he succeeded in leaving us room for the margin of asking questions, and going through the experience comfortably on the screen, taking advantage of the clear (chemistry) that brought me together with my friend Aryam, who I will not hesitate to repeat my experience with if I have the opportunity in the future.

Al-Khawar expressed his regret at the end of the episodes of the program that entertained the audience throughout the days of the football tournament, recalling all the details of the daily work, its most beautiful human moments, even the inspiring filming location and studio, overlooking the Abu Dhabi Corniche, and then the guests he was pleased to meet at this football wedding.

Educated artist

Emirati singer Aryam revealed that she released a new song on the occasion of “Gulf 25”, in a new collaboration with the artist Youssef Al-Omani, titled “The Path That Leads”, indicating that she has gained wide follow-up through her official pages on social media.

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