Amr El-Leithy thanks “The Seventh Day” and colleague Zainab Abdel-Lah for the dialogue with the artist, Amr Mohamed

The journalist, Amr Al-Laithi, during the episode of One People program on Al-Hayat channel, thanked “The Seventh Day” and fellow journalist, writer Zainab Abd Allah, for her first interview with the artist, Amr Mohamed, after 17 years of absence due to his illness.

Al-Laithi thanked the journalist and the colleague in the episode in which he hosted Amr Muhammad Ali, his mother and his brother, in response to the dialogue that was unique to the seventh day through the Zainab Tales program, presented by fellow journalist and writer Zainab Abdullah, and shed light on the suffering of Amr Muhammad Ali and cared about his condition.

And the Zainab Tales program was unique to the first dialogue and appearance of the artist, Amr Muhammad Ali, famously known as Shaqshaq, in the Arabesque series, after his disappearance and absence from the limelight for more than 17 years, since he presented his last work, which is the Devil’s Garden series in 2006, during which he revealed the tragedy of his illness and his multiple sclerosis. ms”, which made him unable to move, affected his vision, and caused him imbalance, which made him not leave his house for years.

Amr Muhammad Ali said, during the dialogue, that despite his work in art from his childhood until the disease made him sick at the end of his twenties, he did not work in any profession other than acting, but he is not a member of the Actors Syndicate and does not have a pension or insurance.

In a quick response, as soon as Ashraf Zaki, captain of the actors, watched the dialogue of the artist Amr Mohamed on “The Seventh Day” TV, he contacted him and his mother, and announced that he would be granted a working membership in the Actors Syndicate and an exceptional pension.

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