Amr Mostafa: I am the only composer who has to deceive me for months in order to work with him | news

The artist, Amr Mostafa, talked about his relationship with the stars he works with, stressing that he is the only composer who insists any artist a lot to work with him.

Amr Mostafa said in an interview on “Cairo and the People” channel: I am the only composer who needs a singer to deceive me in order to work with him, and he deceives a lot and sits, for example, 4 or 5 months in order to take a song. .

And he continued: What is important is the people who love you, which is the audience, but the person who makes a song in exchange for material is not important and I do not want to see you salvation. In some people, you say that I lost someone I love to understand. I am the one who gives up on people. I am the one who makes a block.

Amr Mostafa talked about his cooperation with the stars and that they deceived him to perform a tune for them

And about his dreams in the new year, he said: My children graduate from university, and the audience loves the songs that I present and communicate to them, present messages and treat people.

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And about his new song, “Ya Daira,” he said: This was my feelings two years ago. I am happy with the success of the song, and Ahmed Ali Musa excelled in it. I am happy with its success, which happened in less than hours.

On the other hand, Amr Mostafa sent a message to the press, in which he decided his position on his accusation of the artist, Ramy Sabry, of quoting the melody of his last song, “Hasad Khair”, from the melody of the song “Dance”, which he released 5 months ago.

Amr Mostafa wrote on his Facebook page, explaining that he refuses to use the term “theft”, considering that it is just a matter of ideas, and that he talked about the song out of joking with Ramy Sabry as a friend he cherishes.

Amr Mostafa always raises controversy with his statements

And he explained: “Dear journalists, Ramy Sabry is the first one to bless me here on the page on the new album. Maybe he is the only artist.

And Amr Mostafa continued: “But he was affected by the song (his dance), and it was normal.

He concluded jokingly: “It will happen, but this is the last time, Rami, my love, by God.”

For his part, Rami Sabry responded to what Amr Mostafa mentioned and wrote, commenting: “Joking at your convenience, Amr, but my song (Maybe Khair) is the one I composed from 2009.”

Amr Mostafa previously talked about Ramy Sabry’s song “Hasal Khair” and the similarity of its melody to the melody of his song “Dance”.

And he continued: “And you know that Ramy Sabry is impossible to take a melody that is not his melody and attribute it to himself, and my history and my respected audience know this, so let alone you.”

Rami Sabry ended his comment, saying: “It happened well, and after that, don’t joke with me, because I don’t like this type of joke, delicious.”

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