Amy Samir Ghanem is seriously pregnant?! Hassan Al-Raddad chooses the name of his son or daughter live!!

Rumors of Amy Samir Ghanem’s pregnancy spread and topped the trend because of it during the last period.

Sometimes she appears in clothes in which she deliberately hides her stomach, and another calls her husband Abu Ali and then retracts the post, in addition to noticing the change in her features and the increase in her weight by the audience!

For the rest of the news below..and also from our news:

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A rare and old picture from the wedding of the artist, Karima Mukhtar, while she was in the prime of her youth and beauty.. She looked like princesses next to her husband, Nour Al-Demerdash!

Do you remember Miss Lebanon 1998 Clemence Ashkar.. You will not imagine how she looked like years after her election! And the surprise is the number of her children?!

Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle were expelled from the coronation ceremony of King Charles after the latter insulted Queen Elizabeth in her grave!! What she did angered the king!!

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His illness was named after him, and Tahia Carioca was threatened with death because of it until Umm Kulthum intervened.. What is the story?

An Egyptian artist attends Dos El Din and goes to a psychiatrist because she cannot find herself.. Learn about the story

After her death.. Megan Markle insults Queen Elizabeth in her grave and in front of her grandson Harry!! His reaction shocked everyone!!

The beauty of his wife stole hearts, and the innocence of his son stole the limelight.. Pictures of Yassin Bono’s family, the monster of the Moroccan window, invaded the communication sites!!

iPhone killer .. Xiaomi launches Xiaomi 13 and Pro 13 phones with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and Leica camera

Urgent.. The developments of stopping Omar Kamal from singing occupy the middle.. You will not expect what he did and the reason for this decision!!

This woman was the most beautiful movie star, famous for the incident of a famous artist changing his religion to marry her.. You will not believe who she is?!

Because of the maid’s role.. Zeenat Sidqi was severely insulted by this producer! What he said to her made her angry.

“The pound increases when I decide to buy and decreases when I sell.” Artist Karim Fahmy mocks his luck on Facebook

The engagement of the star of Birds of Paradise, “Asoumi”, and the audience is full of joy. The first comment from his father, Khaled Mekdad

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Read also: The number of marriages of the Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani will stun you and the great shock in the number of his children!! .. The beauty of his wives is the talk of the public.!! photo

And the last of all that was what the artist, Hassan Al-Raddad, revealed when he was a guest on the “Sada Al-Mulaeb” program, presented by Mustafa Al-Agha, and shown on mbc1.

Where he revealed the names that he will give to his children in the event that he has children in the future. Al-Agha directed a question to Hassan al-Raddad, in which he said, “If you had a boy or a girl, what would you name them?” Hassan Al-Raddad replied: I will name him after my brother, may God have mercy on him, “Fadi”, even if a girl is named after my mother, “Fadia”.

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