Angham in a short dress in her latest appearance..and the audience: “You see no evil” (So

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Monday, December 12, 2022

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Angham, her followers and fans, shared her latest appearance on social media.

Angham published the photos, through her official account on the “Instagram” website, in which she appeared in an elegant look, wearing a short dress, and won the admiration of her followers.

The audience’s comments poured in on the pictures, and they came as follows: “Qamar, may God make this face happy and wear you a crown of health, what sweetness is this, oh the life of my heart, what do I love you, the moon of the world, may God protect you, the voice of Egypt, my life, thank God for safety, the most beautiful melodies in The world, your safety, you see no evil.

The artist, Angham, recently underwent a hysterectomy, after feeling pain in the abdominal area.

The artist, Angham, revealed her recovery from her recent surgery, sending special messages to everyone who stood beside her in this ordeal that she was subjected to.

Angham published a picture of her, through her Instagram account, and commented: “Praise be to God until praise reaches its end.. God has blessed me with healing thanks to your prayers and your love that overwhelmed me from every aspect.”

She said, “I have to express my feelings of extreme gratitude for going through this ordeal, which turned into a divine gift, to see through it all this love, without which I would not have been able to overcome this malaise and without the supplication of my beloved, dear audience. I am unable to thank and express my love for you. You are for me.” I have the soul for my body.”

And she continued: “The qualified doctors who supervised the follow-up of my condition and treatment, and took care of me in the fullest way… Really, a thousand thanks are not enough.”

And she continued: “My beloved children and my family, who left me for a moment.. May God keep you for me and never deprive me of your love.”

And she continued: “My fellow darlings and friends whose real fear and eagerness I felt for me .. Thank you for your sincere feelings, I am really lucky with you.”

And she added, “May God protect you all from the evil of disease and grant you health and wellness.”

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