Asala, Elisa and Latifa competed to sing, so the dissonance appeared.. This is how the New Year’s party was in Riyadh | programs

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Not many people were able to attend the New Year’s Eve party in the Arab countries, as most of the artists gathered at one party in Riyadh under the auspices of the Saudi Entertainment Authority.

The Saudi Authority called the New Year’s party “Trio Night”, and it is one party that includes different singing paragraphs and each paragraph is performed by 3 stars of Arab art, which raised many people’s surprise about how the Entertainment Authority was able to convince them to sing with each other.

Usually, this type of performance requires long hours of training and agreement on the smallest details, so that the singing is coordinated without the emergence of any problems or what is technically known as dissonance.

But when the trio, the Syrian singer Asala, the Lebanese Elissa, and the Tunisian Latifa, met to perform a song by the singer Asala, Elisa wanted to take a role, but Latifa preceded her and took over the loudspeaker, which showed resentment on the face of the Lebanese artist. As for the second attempt, Elisa lost the words and Asala began to moisturize. The atmosphere before the paragraph turns into a big problem.

During the attempts of the artists to show their voices, one voice rose over another, and the cacophony appeared at the party.

Tweeters mock

And the episode (3/1/2023) of the “Networks” program monitored the responses on social media platforms from the New Year’s party in Riyadh, where Raghad saw that the appearance of the female artists was like young children, and she wrote, “They look like young girls at a birthday party, and they don’t take turns dancing. Your turn”.

As for the songstress Nene, she saluted Asala’s containment of the situation, and said, “Asala Professional once.. On the day she saw Elissa’s hand movement, she held her hand so that the audience did not feel that Elissa was not comfortable.”

In turn, Hana Ahmed confirmed that the idea of ​​​​collecting 3 artists is not technically suitable.

While Adham tweeted: The absence of artistic coordination was reflected in the performance of the artists, the lack of artistic coordination was reflected in the negative aspects of the performance of the artists between different layers of sound and disparity in performance, and the sound spaces were not studied.

Walid Al-Silawi mocked what happened, and said, “By God, they remind me when we were singing the national anthem in the morning queue. Each one sang from one side. They ruined their reputation.”

As for the official announcement of the ceremony, it included 12 singers from the Arab world. The surprise was the presence of the Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, and he was not present in the published advertisement.

George Wassouf earlier described Asala as a traitor to her homeland and there is nothing in her name. Asala stood in a place far from George after the end of the ceremony, and avoided approaching him on the stage itself. At the end of the ceremony, everyone greeted George Wassouf, but Asala went out and did not greet him.

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