Aya, the first generation of our virtual entertainment trip, opens in Dubai

● It will officially open its doors on Saturday, December 17th

● The first ride of its kind featuring 12 captivating zones spanning 40,000 square feet in Wafi City

● Incorporating art and the latest technology, Aya takes travelers on a journey into a beautiful world (Video)

● Aya is brought to you by Hyperspace, the Dubai-based theme park startup that creates and operates theme parks for the virtual world.

● Aya tickets are available for sale via www.aya-universe.com

Dubai: Imagine escaping into a mysterious world on a voyage of discovery while in Dubai. It’s a dream that will come true when Aya, the first company of a new generation of captivating theme parks, opens its doors in Wafi City on Saturday, December 17, 2022.

Aya, from the futuristic theme park startup Hyperspace that creates and operates theme parks for the digital world, invites travelers to enter a new interactive world and exciting experiences across 12 different zones, each with features of the arts and the latest technology.

Travelers will be able to play, immerse themselves and dream across scenes filled with millions of stars, lights of blooming gardens and a river of color that sparks storms and lakes with every step to and from this incomparable experience.

Dubai, the pioneering city of the future in its technological ambitions, was chosen to offer this destination for an experience that is the first of its kind in Aya, with plans for other future amusement parks in the emirate and major international cities.

Alexander Heller, CEO of Hyperspace, said: “We chose Dubai as the destination for Aya, the first captivating entertainment trip, as the city that invests in digital lifestyle and digital culture. With 12 distinct districts, Aya is designed to offer an amazing world and a wonderful journey of discovery that illuminates the means of communication. social.

He added: The next-generation experience combines interactive technologies to tell captivating stories in an entirely new way, and is the first of its kind in Dubai and the world. We look forward to welcoming travelers who wish to explore the pulsating world of Ayah when we open at Wafi City this month.”

Travelers through Aya will depart into the realm of reality to create future memories in a colorful universe. The journey begins with entering the world of Aurora, followed by Outland, Drift, Source The, and Pool The. And what completes the scenes of the wonderful experience are the stars of the universe, lakes, green hills, and waterfalls of Harmonia and Tides Flora, Celestia, Falls, The zone, rRive The.

On the way to Aya, travelers will enjoy dancing with the Avatar and meeting new characters to interact with as part of a completely captivating experience, in a haven that does not exist in our world as we know it.

Aurora; In the first glimpse of this new world, Motion Control provides an interactive experience that captivates travelers and immerses them in a captivating 230-square-foot artistic experience. Lakes of cosmic dust reflected from behind the stars will give a glimpse of what’s to come as waves of light pass through and the colors of the rainbow undulate.

Source; Aya’s first experience is a 3,250-square-foot area, a mysterious hall of digital lakes and a touch of interactive dome that resonates with human sensations. The 6-minute show is designed across 6 chapters with LED lakes that transport travelers to a beautiful world using the latest interactive touch technology.

drift; Another huge area to explore is 2,000 square feet where travelers can travel to the heart of Aya’s world. With green hills swaying with ambient music for a weightless feel, the panoramic projection transports travelers to an enchanting scene of serene nature.

Outland; These rooms are located in 3 chapters to introduce the Avatar characters. Outlander, a motion-driven fantasy arcade where the presence of visitors introduces new characters to this magical new world. Structural tracking and projection mapping techniques are used to enable visitors to dance with the avatar in this unexplored expanse.

pool; The trip’s captivating projections arrive at the beginning of a river exploration. Starting at infinity to capture the feelings of the visitors coming inside, the second act of exploration begins.

River; Storms and lakes of color are born with every step inside this 2,000-square-foot space, a chapter of secrets and adventure with LED screens and detectors that sense the movement of who is inside and bring the area to life with a river of vitality.

falls; A responsive acoustic waterfall runs upside down to contradict the laws of gravity, indicating the end of the river’s journey at this stage of the experiment.

Celestia; By interacting with light beams, the light shows start across five different chapters and an interactive space game, and the amazing show lasts for 13 minutes.

Flora; Figures of Light form on this dynamic journey, responding and interacting with the travelers’ movement through Aya’s world. During this show, which lasts for 9 minutes.

Tides; Featuring an infinitely reflective room decorated with breathtaking 8-minute lighting, the Tides takes travelers through four seasons.

harmonia; The three-minute experience ends with a robotic light show in an infinite mirrored area that stretches across great distances.

Aya Amusement Park is located on the first floor of the Atrium in Wafi City, the Aya experience with its latest technology will transport you to an alternative world. Book your experience at universe.com-www.aya and stay up to date on @ayauniverse

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About Aya

Aya is a gateway to an ancient future born light years away and developed by Hyperspace, the futuristic theme park startup that creates and operates Digital World Parks. Located in the heart of Dubai, in Wafi City, Aya fuses technology and art into a lively interactive experience through twelve imaginative experiences that invite you to wander through illuminated gardens, control galaxies, and dance with lights. Aya is a space that allows travelers to play, drift, and dream as they experience starry scenes. They wander through gardens decorated with lights and cross rivers that reach endlessly.

For more information, visit www.aya-universe.com or follow @ayauniverse on social media

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