Bouchareb talks about the Oscar nominations…and his new project in Algeria

Algeria was nominated Rashid Bouchareb To represent her 8 times in the “Oscar” awards, he was able to book her a place in the short list in this prestigious award three times.

In an exclusive interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Bouchareb talks about these nominations, and his new movie “Our Brothers”, which I nominated. Algeria For “Oscar 2023”.

Oscars, humanity and politics

The director of the movie “Outlaws” believes that the International Award has never deviated from its approach in selecting films nominated for a category. the best movie International “Best Previous Foreign Film”, since its inception in 1929.

And according to Algerian directorThe Academy, which supervises the awards, has been looking with great interest at films that deal with current issues and deal with sensitive issues that have humanitarian and global dimensions.

Bouchareb said:Oscar She is always interested in films that deal with topics related to major world events.

This explains, according to the Algerian director, the secret of 3 of his films reaching short list award in different time periods.

Bouchareb succeeded in deciphering the Oscar shortlist for the first time in 1995 with his film “Dust”.

And again in 2006 with his movie “Baldion”, and a third time in 2010 with the movie “Outlaws”, which is considered one of his most famous cinematic works ever.

Thus, Algeria is considered the highest Arab in reaching the short list of this competition with 5 films.

She has the only Arab “Oscar” award, which she won in 1969 for the movie “Zad”, which was directed by a Frenchman of Greek origin. Costa-Gavras.

Like other international directors, Bouchareb’s eyes are set on January 24, when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce the preliminary list of films that will officially enter the “Oscar 2023” race.

7 Arab countries nominated their films for the 95th session of the “Oscar” award, namely Saudi Arabia with the movie “The Crow Song” by director Muhammad Al-Salman, Palestine with the movie “Mediterranean Fever” by director Maha Assal, Lebanon with the movie “Notebooks Maya” by Joanna Hajji, and Morocco with the movie “The Blue Caftan”. Directed by Maryam Tawazi, and Tunisia with the movie “Under the Fig Trees” directed by Areej Al-Sumairi, and Jordan with the movie “delightDirected by Darine Salam.

Algeria entered the race with the movie “Our Brothers” by Rachid Bouchareb, while Egypt decided to be absent after the Cinematic Professions Syndicate announced that no Egyptian film would be nominated.

Bouchareb trilogy

The movie “Our Brothers” carries a story fraught with historical questions about Algeria’s relationship with France.

Bouchareb returns to the story of the French student of Algerian origin, Malek Erskine, who was brutally murdered by French police In 1986, his story became a symbol for the fight against French police violence.

The director said, “In this film, I tried to focus on the human aspects of the student’s life, which turned into a public opinion issue that raises many questions about the French state’s slogan ‘Freedom, Equality, Fraternity’, and the issue of human rights Fighting hate and racism.

Bouchareb seems optimistic that this work will reach the short list.

And Algeria’s nominee for “Oscar 2023” says that the real-life story may attract the attention of members of the academy.

Bouchareb considers the movie “Our Brothers”, a screenplay by Bouchareb and the Algerian writer Kawthar Azimi, as part of a trilogy he directed to tell 50 years of history. France and Algeria In a sequential manner, he talks about the stories of successive generations.

A number of actors of dual nationality will participate in the film, led by actor Reda Kateb, young actress Lynn Khoudary, and actor Samir Qassemi.

His next stop is Algeria

In recent years, Bouchareb’s name has been mentioned as a potential film director Prince Abdelkader Algerianwhich Algeria is betting on to be a global business par excellence.

Bouchareb said, “There are better filmmakers in Algeria than me to tell and write the story of Emir Abdelkader, and also to direct it.”

With this statement, Bouchareb has turned the page of controversy over the possibility of directing the film Prince Abdel, which Algeria did not settle until the writing of these lines on the name of the director.

On the other hand, he revealed that he had completed a new historical film that deals with stations from Algeria’s memory.

In this work, he will rely on the French archives, and for the first time, Bouchareb will shoot his new film in Algeria.

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