Egyptian celebrities who passed away in 2022… a chronology

Corona virus infection, cancer, and heart diseases were the most common causes of their death.


  • Jan 4th: the composer died Ahmad Al-HajjarBrother of the famous singer Ali HajjarAt the age of 65, he died of a sudden heart attack while watching TV at home, according to the accounts of his family members.
  • 6 of the same monthThe artist is gone Maha Abu Auf At the age of 65 as well, after a journey that spanned many years with lung cancer.

  • January 9thAnnouncement of the death of the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi Due to pulmonary fibrosis resulting from his infection with the Corona virus, which eroded a large part of his lungs.
  • Feb 3The artist is gone Aida Abdel Aziz At the age of 92, after a struggle with illness, after an artistic journey that spanned decades.
  • The next day Feb 4The theatrical director passed away Jalal SharkawyAfter he was infected with the Corona virus, and he was transferred to the intensive care room in the hospital while he was suffering from shortness of breath, and after days of his stay in the hospital he breathed his last.
  • in a 26th of the same monthThe artist is gone Jala Fahmy At the age of 59, as a result of a sharp drop in blood circulation, and the heart muscle stopped following an acute heart attack, with a severe disturbance of consciousness, and acute respiratory failure.
  • March 25th: the artist is gone Ahmed Halawaat the age of 73, after he was infected with the Corona virus in the previous month, which led to his entry into intensive care, and doctors described his condition as serious.
  • May 20th: the artist and broadcaster died Samir Sabry After suffering from heart disease, he underwent a delicate surgery to replace the mitral valve 3 months before his death.

He had also undergone chemotherapy earlier, which lasted about a year and a half against cancer, which greatly affected his health.

  • Aug 9The artist is gone Raja HussainAt the age of 83, after a struggle with illness.
  • Sept. 22: the artist died Hisham Selim At the age of 64, after a struggle with lung cancer.

  • Oct 25th: unseen death counsel Farid El Deeb At the age of 79, after a long struggle with leukemia.

Al-Deeb had gained great fame by assuming the defense of the late Egyptian president Hosni MubarakIn the cases in which he was tried after the protests that led to his removal from power in 2011.

  • Before the end of the year, in Dec 4The journalist is gone Mofeed FawzyAfter a health problem, he was taken to the hospital, where he was suffering from obstruction of the bile ducts.

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