Elham Al Marzouqi… the first Emirati female cellist

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From an early age, the Emirati artist, Ilham Al Marzouqi, loves melody and melodies, as she mastered playing the piano when she was five years old, and the love of music grew with her until she became attached to the cello and became the first Emirati to play this instrument, which qualified her and her talent to participate in concerts and events. international music.

The language of music

Al-Marzouqi works primarily as a legal advisor, but this specialty, far from playing, did not prevent her from practicing the hobby that she loves, which has also become her profession. The only one in this orchestra.

For Marzouki, music is an additional language that the individual learns, and working with the orchestra raises the spirit of teamwork, and this is very important, especially when mastering performance, as you say.

Al-Marzouqi feels that the cello is her voice that represents her second throat, as she put it, adding, “I love this feeling very much, especially since I move to another world when playing, and musicians have always considered the cello the main instrument that closely imitates the human voice, and this is one of the reasons that brought me closer.” a lot of them.”

wide posts

Al-Marzouqi participated twice in playing in the band of international opera singer Andrea Bocelli in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and in the orchestra with the well-known Syrian composer, Iyad Rimawi in Dubai, who was very impressed with her performance and introduced the audience to her on stage, expressing his fascination with her playing and performance.

Al-Marzouqi explained that she also played with the legend of Bollywood, the Indian composer (AR Rahman) and the Grammy-nominated singer “Maisa Kara”, and also participated in the famous “Expo 2020 Dubai” concerts, and is currently preparing to participate in the “Abu Dhabi Festival 2023”, where she will perform with the “Teatro” orchestra. Comunale di Modena” under the leadership of the Academy Award-winning composer “Tan Dun” and the famous Chinese pianist “Jian Wang” on a unique musical journey.

Unique experience

And she continued: «There is a lot in my arsenal to present to the whole world, and I am really fortunate to be the first Emirati woman to play the cello instrument, and I also participated in recording the wonderful triple symphony «Peace, Love and Tolerance», which was commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Festival, and it was written by composers, David Shire, And John Dibny, and the Emirati composer Ihab Darwish, as it was recorded in Poland with the Beethoven Academy Orchestra, and I feel very proud to participate in this unique experience.


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