Emirates News Agency – “House of Wisdom” in Sharjah concludes the Arabic version of the “Frida and I” exhibition

SHARJAH, 18th January / WAM / The House of Wisdom in Sharjah concluded the activities of the Arabic version of the “Frida and I” exhibition, which it organized for the first time in the Arab world and presented to children, in an interactive manner, the creations of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, amidst a great turnout by visitors and a great success in the audience’s interaction with Events and workshops that accompanied it.

Over the course of 100 continuous days, the exhibition attracted about 10,500 visitors from children and families of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

The method of displaying the drawings in the exhibition included 13 interactive devices through which the audience learned about the experience of the Mexican artist and how she expressed her life stations with drawing and colors until she succeeded in transforming her suffering into creative works that inspired children and adults.

Marwa Al-Aqroubi, Executive Director of the House of Wisdom, said, “The House of Wisdom in Sharjah is keen to include its activities and exhibitions that provide an opportunity for children, adolescents, and the public of different age groups to get acquainted with global cultures and their richness and diversity, and shed light on the experiences of famous personalities whose creativity succeeded in inspiring many, whether in Drawing, writing, arts and other areas of creativity.

She added, “With such programmes, the House of Wisdom embodies part of its goals aimed at communicating with the public, strengthening their connection to arts and cultures, and benefiting from artistic works and the opportunities they represent to acquire expertise and skills within an interactive environment that brings together those interested in various types of arts in one place.”

On the sidelines of the exhibition, the House of Wisdom hosted many workshops that focused on providing children with artistic and scientific information in a manner that combines play, dialogue, and direct communication with their peers who visited the exhibition. It also provided audiences of all ages with an opportunity to acquire various artistic and life skills based on the experience of the painter Frida Kahlo.

Abdel Nasser Moneim / Batoul Kashwani

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