Find out the date of condolence for the singer Ghada Ragab’s uncle

The musician’s family, Dr. Reda Ragab revealed the date of condolences for the death of his brother, Counselor Ahmed Ramzi Ragab, the uncle of the singer Ghada Ragab, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 4, after the Maghreb prayer in Al-Hamidiya Al-Shazliya House on a wall. Zamalek Club. The artist, Nadia Mustafa, “a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Musical Professions,” announced the death of the maestro’s brother, Dr. Reda Rajab yesterday as she wrote on her Facebook page Dr.’s brother. Reda Rajab passed away, by God’s mercy, and added that God will remain. Reda Ragab, the artist Ghada Ragab, the artist Nevin Ragab, their children and all their loved ones.


After Nadia Mustafa

It is mentioned that the artist, Ghada Ragab, returned to the media, after a long absence of more than a year, since she gave birth to her first daughter, Laila, and she spoke in a television interview about motherhood and her weight. During the current period, saying: “Motherhood is a very big responsibility, but before marriage and motherhood I was told that I cheated at the time, but I really cheat now, of course, because of pregnancy and childbirth.”

Regarding her intention to go on a diet, Ghada Ragab said: “I dedicate my life to my daughter Laila, I do not have time to go to the gym or club, change the channel.

And Ghada Ragab continued: “My absence was due to childbirth and motherhood, but it is the beautiful work that forces you to be present, but I have a lot of songs and the coming period will be released, and at parties as well, but” now my efforts and my daughter’s health are in the first place because she is still young and she is a year old and a half.”

Ghada Ragab spoke about her relationship with the late star Dalal Abdel Aziz, saying: “She used to read the Qur’an while I was singing, and in my joy she promoted me and went through a bad period after her and Rajaa Al-Jeddawi’s death. .

And Samir Ghanem considers the star, Mervat Amin, to be her second mother, and she said: On the day of my joy, she recommended to my husband, Alia, while she was crying.

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