Gardens of Secrets wins the Carthage Theater Festival Awards

The Moroccan theatrical performance “Hadayek al-Asrar” by director Mohamed El Horr won the largest number of awards of the 23rd edition of the Carthage Theater Festival, which concluded, on Saturday, at the Opera Theater in the City of Culture, in central Tunis.

The official competition jury awarded the award for the best integrated work to the play “Hadayek al-Asrar”, while its director, Muhammad al-Hur, won the award for best directing.

The committee awarded the award for best scenography to Mustafa Al-Alawi and Muhammad Al-Hur, while the heroine of the play, Jalila Al-Telmisi, won the award for best female performance, completing the joy of Morocco.

The play revolves around a wealthy family consisting of a father, a mother, and their daughter. The relationship between the spouses seems to be volatile and tense because of their traditional marriage. However, the father tries to impose on his daughter the traditional way of marrying a rich man she does not love, so the girl decides to escape on her wedding night and dies in a painful accident.

The Palestinian Ghashan Ashkar won the award for best male performance for his role in the play “Land Mine” directed by George Ibrahim.

The award for the best text went to the Tunisian duo Abdel Halim Al-Masoudi and Nizar Al-Saidi for the play “Tayhoun”.

Twelve works from Tunisia, Arab and African countries competed for the awards.

During the closing ceremony, the Minister of Cultural Affairs honored the actresses Salwa Muhammad and Fatima Saedan, and the researcher Muhammad Al-Awni.

Over the course of 7 days, the festival witnessed 82 theatrical performances from 23 countries, including Senegal, the guest of honor of the new session.

In recognition of what they presented to the theatre, the festival honored the Egyptian actress Suhair Al-Morshedy, the Syrian actor Ayman Zaidan, the Iraqi Qassem Bayatli, and Habib Dembele from Mali.

The activities of the festival included several sections, including world theater, children’s theater, school theater, hobby, street performances, and freedom theater presented by prison inmates.

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