George Wassouf is a title of dream, love and success

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Mufreh Al-Shammari
Despite the preoccupation of the whole world with the World Cup currently taking place in the sisterly State of Qatar, with which the communication sites interacted with its exciting matches, “Sultan Al Tarab”, the great artist George Wassouf, released his new song “He Speaks Alia” on his YouTube channel to successfully penetrate the exciting World Cup matches. Overwhelmingly, it exceeded 5 and a half million views on YouTube, leading the search engine “Google”, due to the beauty of its melody, its words, and the idea of ​​its clip, which exceeded all perceptions.
“Betalkal Alia” is a song worthy of the march of the Sultan of Tarab, George Wassouf, from the words of the Egyptian poet Amir Tuaima, composed by the creative Lebanese Ziad Burji, and arranged by Zaher Deeb. the original rapture; Because it is considered by “Al-Sami’a” as a title of dream, love, joy and success, because it is a unique voice that no one resembles in the Arab singing scene.
The golden throat that the “Sultan of Tarab” possesses cannot be found with another person, because it is unique in its kind and in its groans that sail with “Al-Sami’a” to other worlds full of sultanate and authentic rapture that we have somewhat lacked in our current time.
special greetings
The song “He Talks Alia” carries a special tribute to the two immortal voices, Abdul Halim Hafez through a “short” clip from his song “Any Tear of Sorrow No”, and Warda Al Jazairia through a clip from her song “Wlad Al-Halal”, which Wassouf sings with his beautiful voice after he found them. The creative composer Ziad Burji provided an ideal place for them in the context of the song. The creation of these two clips was appropriate to Wassouf’s voice, which we are accustomed to in such creations, by recalling the adults in his songs in his own way, which is difficult for any of the singers to imitate. The beginning of his new song says:
He talks to me, he says, loyal to me
I never got his biography
Not okay
This is what I never hurt
Loose makes mistakes with his comfort
Although I can say a lot of things
The song was produced by Rodolphe Jabr, and the filming of the song was accomplished by director Elie Al-Samaan, with the help of 3 stars: Abed Fahd, Abdel Moneim Amayri and Zina Makki, to perform acting scenes that are consistent with the dreamy lyrics of the song.
The rapid success achieved by the song “He Talks Alia” indicates that the Arab recipient needs songs that carry authenticity, sultanate and rapture, and this is what was achieved in this song that Wassouf released on the 26th of last month, amidst the whole world’s preoccupation with the activities of the 2022 World Cup.
The song “He Talks Alia” was filmed as a video clip as a short dramatic film, with the participation of the artists Abed Fahd, Abdel Moneim Amairi, Zina Makki, and directed by Elie Al-Samaan. The wonderful performance given by the film’s heroes, in addition to the great feeling found by Wassouf’s lovers, with his voice, which is still at its peak and giving, despite the health condition he went through, and may God save him from it.
Nice gesture
The step of “Sultan of Tarab” by the great artist George Wassouf, by including in his new song clips from the two songs “Wlad Al-Halal” by the late great artist Warda Al-Jazaery, and “Any Tear of Sorrow” by the late Brown Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez, a step that must be respected and appreciated, and a beautiful gesture from him to the classics of Arabic singing to deliver it Once again to the younger generation, especially since the meanings of the two songs correspond to his new song, and such steps we only hear in the songs of “Sultan Al Tarab”, who always searches for originality in his songs in order to instill this in the hearts of young people who love authentic singing.
The stars of the clip “Betkalam Alia”: Abu Wadih, a legend
“Al-Anbaa” contacted the stars of the clip of the song “Betkalam Alia” Abed Fahd, Abdel-Moneim Amairi and Zina Makki, as they confirmed to Al-Anbaa that the great singer George Wassouf (Abu Wadih) is a legend in singing, morals and elegant dealings with everyone, and this is what makes him up to this moment. A big star in the eyes of fans of his voice, who is one of them because he is close to everyone’s hearts with his songs that touch feelings.
In this regard, the star, Abed Fahd, confirmed that the great singer George Wassouf is the lover of Arabic singing, and he is a case that does not resemble anyone else. who follows it.
He added: My participation in this clip feels that it is a duty and a right, as we have been friends since childhood, so it is natural that I participate in this clip because it is close to myself, and I am very happy with this participation, which represents a great thing for me with a star the size of George Wassouf, whom I wish for health, wellness and excellence always. .
great love
As for the star Abdel Moneim Amairi, he said: My participation in the clip “Betkalm Alia” is out of love for the great singer George Wassouf, due to his great place in my heart, because we grew up and lived on his beautiful and authentic songs that still resonate in the hearts of his fans, and despite the changes that occur, the songs of “Abu Wadih” » She remained proud because she was authentic in form and content, and thank God the song’s clip succeeded through its short story that is in line with the song’s lyrics, and this is something that the director of the clip, Elie Samaan, is crediting.
He added, “The song “He Talks Alia” is a respectable and elegant lyrical work to the fullest extent, due to its beautiful lyrics written by the Egyptian poet Amir Tuaima, and its beautiful melody, which was penned by Ziad Burji, and sung by his sweet voice, “Abu Wadih,” with an indescribable feeling, and the evidence for the rapid success that this song reaped after its release, a thousand Congratulations to the great singer George Wassouf for this success, because he is an authentic artist who always searches for excellence.
A dream come true
While the star, Zina Makki, described her participation in the clip “He Talks Alia” that this work is one of her most important works, whether in the past or that will come, because she brought her together with the great singer George Wassouf, whose voice she adored since childhood, in addition to great stars such as the star Abed Fahd, Abdel Moneim Amayri, and an empowered director. Directed by Elie Semaan.
Zina added, “Standing in front of an artistic stature the size of the great singer George Wassouf as a female lead in the clip of his song is a dream that did not come true, but praise be to God the dream came true, and I was very happy to deal closely with “Abu Wadih”, who I found as I hear about him as a wonderful artist with everything that this word bears. From a sense, a humble, honest and transparent artist who treats everyone with love to the extreme.
His songs never die
As for the creative composer, Ziad Burji, he said: I am very happy to return to cooperate with the great singer George Wassouf through the song “He Talks Alia”, whose successes are harvested by “Abu Wadih” because he is an artist looking for the distinctive word, and this is what kept me away from him 13 years ago since the song “They envy me.” » Which achieved amazing success and we live its sweetness to this day, because the songs sung by the great singer George Wassouf will never die, no matter what the changes around him are.
He added: My distance from him throughout these years was caused by the search for words befitting the status of “Abu Wadih.” Thank God, I found my way through the words of the Egyptian poet Amir Ta’ima. Who I still remember my success with him in the song “Beahsedoni” that he sang in 2011, and thank God it is still alive and many hear it because its singer George Wassouf, who I was from “Vance”, and after that I approached him and collaborated closely with him, George Wassouf, while keeping titles, an unparalleled artist He is loyal to his art and his environment, an artist who gives you energy when you cooperate with him and accepts any comments with open arms as long as they are in the interest of the work.


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