“Google” celebrates the birthday of Karima Mokhtar, “the mother of Egyptian cinema”

CountryOn Monday, the Internet search engine giant, Google, celebrated the birthday of the late Egyptian actress, Karima Mokhtar.

And a drawing of the face of the artist, Karima Mukhtar, adorned the “Google” interface on his page in the Arab countries, and behind her was a curtain that focused on the stage in which the late left unforgettable imprints.

And there was a TV drawing showing a mother carrying a baby and surrounded by young children, in reference to the role that the late woman mastered in cinema and theater.

When clicking on the name, Google directs users to a page that introduces the audience to the late Egyptian actress.

Karima Mukhtar was born in Sahel Selim, Assiut Governorate, in southern Egypt, on January 16, 1934, and her real name was Atiyat Muhammad al-Badri.

And “Google” said that it celebrates the 89th anniversary of her birth today, describing her as “the mother of Egyptian cinema”, as she was famous for embodying the mother’s personality in depth and simplicity.

At first, the late artist’s parents refused her entry into the field of acting, but she was determined to fulfill her dream of the “silver screen”.

Karima Mokhtar graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts with a BA in Theater.

After a natural and not artificial performance dominated by charisma, Mukhtar succeeded in the radio program dedicated to children, “Baba Sharo”, and this work opened the door for her to enter the cinema, as she participated in her first film, “The Price of Freedom” in 1967.

In 1974, Karima Mukhtar reached the starring role in the movie “The Grandchild”, in which she played the role of a young mother of seven children, and thus the late artist established the role of the mother in which she was associated for decades.

It is not possible to talk about Karima Mukhtar without going through her role entrenched in the minds of millions in the play “The Children Grow Up”, which began to be shown in the late seventies, as it embodied the character of the kind mother to the point of naivety.

Karima Mukhtar left our world on January 12, 2017, at the age of 82, and after a busy career in which she left dozens of artworks from films, series and plays.

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