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famous search engineGoogleToday, Wednesday, the great Egyptian writer and novelist Ihsan Abdel Quddous, as this date coincides with the release of the first widespread English translation of Abdel Quddous’s novel, “No Sleep”, which was presented by the lady of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, in a movie with the same title.

On social media, activists have re-published excerpts from the writings and works of the late writer, a number of which have been transformed into immortal dramas on television, theater and cinema.

Abdel Quddous is an Egyptian journalist and writer, who made a quantum leap in the Arabic novel. He wrote more than 600 stories and novels, some of which were translated into foreign languages, the most famous of which are “In Our House A Man,” “The Dancer and the Politician,” and “I Will Not Live in My Father’s Robes.”

In 1944, Ihsan Abdel Quddous began writing scripts for films, short stories, and novels, which made him decide to devote himself entirely to journalism and literature, and in several years he became a distinguished journalist, political writer, and novelist. In the magazine “Rose Al-Youssef”, he was given the full opportunity to work and succeed.

His first stories appeared entitled “The Love Maker” in 1948, then “The Love Seller” in 1949, then the long story “I am Free” in 1954, which was turned into a movie, and then his literary works continued.

He wrote more than 600 stories and novels, of which 49 were turned into movie scripts, 5 novels were turned into play scripts, 9 became radio series, 10 novels were turned into TV series, in addition to 65 novels that were translated into English, French and German.

Among his stories are his famous novels: “The Empty Pillow,” “I Don’t Sleep,” “In Our House A Man,” “Something in My Chest,” “Girls and Summer,” “Don’t Turn Off the Sun,” “Nothing Matters,” and “The Bullet Is Still in My Pocket”, “The Dancer and the Politician”, “I Will Not Live in My Father’s Robes”, “Oh Dear We Are All Thieves” and “Love in God’s Space”.

As for political writing, he had a weekly column in October magazine during the second half of the seventies of the twentieth century, entitled “On a Café in the Political Street,” then moved to “Al-Ahram” in the eighties.

Activists celebrated Abdel Quddous’s unique career, as they shared the image published by the search engine, and another image that brought him together with his mother, the able artist and journalist Fatima Al-Youssef, known as Rose Al-Youssef, while others asked questions about the best novels he wrote.

It is noteworthy that writer Ihsan Abdel Quddous died on January 11, 1992, and was buried in Cairo.

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