Great confusion.. Did Laila Iskandar return to her husband after their divorce?! – Video – Al Arrab

A very big confusion, which was caused by a video spread on the social networking sites of the Lebanese artist, Laila Iskandar, and her ex-husband, Yaqoub Al-Farhan, after their divorce.

In the details, the Lebanese star, Laila Iskandar, raised doubts about her return to her husband, the Saudi artist, Jacob Al-Farhan, after a period of announcing their divorce and exchanging accusations through the media and social media.

Laila raised many questions after appearing with the Saudi actor in a short video clip as they celebrated “Christmas”.

The duo appeared in the video clip, each of them wearing the “Baba Noble” hat on his head, and they were very harmonious and in love, which was evident on their features, and the audience interacted with him intensely, expressing their happiness at their return to each other, and wishing them continued love and happiness.

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Laila Iskandar attached the clip to a congratulation in English, in which he wrote: “A birthday for everyone everywhere,” and thanked her father for helping her prepare for the celebration, saying: “We love you very much.”

Watch Laila Iskandar’s video with her ex-husband

In July 2019, Laila Iskandar announced her separation from her husband, Yaqoub Al-Farhan, years after their marriage. As she wrote in a post on “Snapchat”, in which she said: “I officially announce my separation from Jacob Al-Farhan,” but later she returned to him, confirming that “what happened between them was a period of upset, nothing more.”

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As for accusing one of her followers of lying about announcing the divorce, then she returned to him again, she said: “I told you that I got divorced? .. Where is God and show me .. I got upset and frankly wrote announcing my separation .. I mean, it is clear after .. You want to say that I got divorced How are you?..I got upset and then accepted, praise be to God..Why do you want to see me as a liar by force??..Why are you upset that I reconciled with my husband instead of saying, “Bravo,” she did not destroy her house with her own hands.


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