Hajar Ahmed: I make a birthday for my daughter every month (video). news

The artist, Hajar Ahmed, talked about her daughter, “Ghalia”, and the way she dealt with her, explaining the reason for changing her name.

Hajar Ahmed told, during her meeting on the “Sahranin” program, presented by Amir Karara via ON channel, in an episode compiled by the artist Ramy Sabry, that she celebrates her daughter’s birthday every month, and she said: Every month she makes a birthday, she has 7 months, I pass every day I consider it an achievement that she is with me, and every month I celebrate her birthday.

Hajar Ahmed with Amir Karara and Ramy Sabry behind the scenes of Sahranin

Hajar Ahmed explained that she took her daughter with her in the studio, and told about the name she chose for her in the beginning, which is “Isabel” and the reason for changing the name to “Ghalia”. I clung to the role and the name, and I had in mind to name it for my daughter, but my husband Ahmed chose “Ghalia.” He chose this name on the day he was going to register her.

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On the other hand, Hajar Ahmed welcomed the new year by performing Umrah with her husband, and shared her photos with her fans from the Great Mosque of Mecca.

Hajar Ahmed welcomed the new year by performing Umrah

It is noteworthy that Hajar Ahmed gave birth to her first daughter last June.

Hajar Ahmed and her husband

It is noteworthy that Hajar Ahmed’s last work was the movie “Zombie”, where she did not participate in any work after giving birth to her first daughter.

And the movie “Zombie” starring Ali Rabei, Dina Mohsen, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Karim Afifi, Muhammad Utaka, written by Amin Gamal, directed by Amr Salah.

Hajar Ahmed with Ali Rabie from behind the scenes of “Zombie”

And on television, her latest work was the series “The Best Father”, which was shown in Ramadan 2021, written by Ahmed Mohi and Muhammad Al-Mohammadi, directed by Moataz Al-Tuni, co-starring Ali Rabie, Hisham Ismail, Hala Fakher, Sami Maghawry, Imad Rashad, Hajar Ahmed, Iman Al-Sayed, Muhammad Al-Sawy, Hossam Dagher, Ahmed Al-Shami, Murad Makram, Muhammad Abdo, Ahmed Al-Tohamy, Ahmed Bassiouni and the child Karim Hussein.

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