His religion, the throat, and Enas Al-Degheidy.. The reasons for the attack on Tamer Habib

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Saturday 07 January 2023

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Scriptwriter Tamer Habib sparked a great controversy this evening, Saturday, January 7, after he published a post about his religion, and revealed that the audience sends him congratulatory messages on Christmas every year, and wrote, “I am a Copt of religion.

Habib published a photo, through his official account on the “Instagram” website, and commented on it: “As every year, congratulatory messages come to me from yesterday, and like every year, I rejoice in it strongly, and like every year my life is not correct, nor is my life correcting the information, because it is not wrong because of me.” Egyptian, and Coptic means Egyptian.

Habib added: “Every year, we are all good, and a Merry Christmas, my best friends and sisters.”

In this report, we show you the causes of several crises that screenwriter Tamer Habib faced during the last period:

The first comment on the verdict against Menna Shalaby in the drug case

Scriptwriter Tamer Habib commented on the verdict issued against the actress, Menna Shalaby, accusing her of obtaining the essence of hashish with the intention of using it.

And he published a picture of him with Menna Shalaby, on his personal page on the “Instagram” website, and commented on it: “Oh, you are generous, Lord.. Praise be to God.”

Enas El-Degheidy’s statement…”ridiculous talk”

Director Enas El-Degheidy spoke about the controversy that arose due to her recent statements about author Tamer Habib.

Enas said, on the “Cairo Talk” program: “I was surprised, after a month and a half of my interview, that my speech was interrupted in the part related to Tamer Habib, and accusations were made against him that I did not accuse him of, to the point of adding a laugh that was not present, and I cannot fault my colleagues whom I respect.”

And she continued: “https://news.google.com/__i/rss/rd/articles/“I have never faulted anyone, Tamer Habib, our beloved, and the beloved of all the artistic community, and we love him on a professional and personal level because he is a cheerful person and we are all friends, and I cannot question him. A moment in the morals of Tamer Habib.

And she continued: “Words and conversations were composed for me other than what I said sincerely, and Tamer was subjected to a fierce attack. .

And she explained: “Before the opening of the Cairo Festival, I spoke to Tamer Habib, and told him, come, let us enter the festival. He told me, I do not want a silly question, and the boy is in a bad state and this is his right, because the attack is moral, and one cannot bear this need.”

And she added, “I say to people on social media, it is forbidden for you to waste a person because of absurd words that you want to make a trend with.”

Tamer Habib mocks Reham Saeed

Scriptwriter Tamer Habib mocked the statements of the media, Reham Saeed, after her episode, during which she talked about people who suffer from excessive weight (obesity).

And “Habib” wrote on his Facebook page, saying: “Okay, cheating is possible.

The media, Reham Saeed, responded to the “Habib” post, saying: “However, it is a shame for an educated person like you to take a sentence from the middle of an episode like ordinary people.” My opinion.

Tamer Habib

Tamer Habib’s crisis because of wearing a “earring”

Scriptwriter Tamer Habib faced severe criticism after appearing at a party on the Red Carpet, wearing an earring.

Tamer Habib sent a message to his critics through a video, via Facebook, saying: Everyone is free to do what he wants. What do everyone do?

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