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The exhibition “In Search of the Gardens of Eden” by the French artist Benedict Gimonnet pulses with beauty and life through the colors that the artist used in her paintings, to express the memories of her recent trip to the Seychelles, which she likened to the Gardens of Eden, as plants play a starring role in the exhibition. The exhibition is the first artistic activity during the year 2023 for Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery in Dubai.

The artist, Benedict Gimonnet, spoke to Al-Bayan about her exhibition, which will last until February 18, and includes creative works with a variety of ideas and colors. New and regain my balance and peace of mind, and this place is inspired by nature, that is why the works describe environments rich in botanical colors made up of timeless memories, not bound by the rules of time and place.

She emphasized that she used vibrant colors in her work as a reference to her childhood memories of heritage, which left a great impact on her life.


Gimonet considers herself lucky to live in Dubai, where the art scene is vibrant, creative and dazzling. Gimonnet says: I am of French origin. I studied plastic arts in London, then moved to the United Arab Emirates, and the art scene in the country is developing rapidly with wonderful creative projects through institutions, museums, art galleries and universities.

The French artist sheds light on her journey seeking to reconcile different parts of her personal identity, which she does, using plants as emblems that symbolize what the artist relates to in a hidden way, and through which she challenges geographical logics, by recreating botanical environments.


Plants play a starring role in Benedict’s artwork, through which she stresses the metaphorical character of what grows from the heart of the earth, and as a vector of emotions and conditions experienced by other living beings, as is evident in these works, nature’s formation in turn of the artist’s life, which grew up on Her mother’s hands are in the Auvergne region of France, after her separation from her Peruvian father, and therefore she is forced to leave Peru, in which she spent two years of her life, so we see those brief memories of Latin America clearly present through the symbolism of plants in her work.

The artist’s many ink drawings flourish both inside and outside the paintings, continuing to become more complex and immersive day by day, some appearing in black and white, like unique and dazzling architectural prints.


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