I want to communicate with my father and brother.. and I do not see their desire to reconcile

Then my city The broadcast of the controversial documentary about British Prince Harry and his wife, Megan On Netflix, the British royal family is preparing for an exciting new series about the couple’s withdrawal from the family and their 2020 move to California, with the publication of the book “SPARE” scheduled for January 10th.

On the occasion of the book’s release, the prince gave an interview to the British channel ITV, in which he expressed his desire to communicate with his father and brother, indicating that they do not want to do so.

‘No desire for reconciliation’

“They have shown no desire whatsoever for reconciliation,” the Duke of Sussex said in a short trailer broadcast on ITV on Monday.

He also added in the promotional clip, “I would like to reconnect with my father. Also with my brother.”

Prince William and Harry - Archives from Reuters

Prince William and Harry – Archives from Reuters

“I want to be part of a family, not an institution,” said Harry, 38, adding, “They think it’s best to keep us as bad guys.”

And the station (ITV) television said that the interview will be broadcast on January 8, that is, two days before the date of publication of Harry’s autobiography, for which he chose the title (Spear) “backup”.

Information directed especially against his brother William

According to the Sunday Times, Prince Harry’s memoirs contain more information directed specifically against his brother William than King Charles III, which confirms the dispute between the two brothers.

The documentary, which was released by Netflix last month in six episodes, allowed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to give their view of withdrawing from the royal family, a move that hit their popularity greatly in the United Kingdom, where the local press often describes them as selfish and spoiled.

Although the documentary did not contain any exciting leaks, the couple settled their accounts with the media, which they accused of harassing them and of causing Megan’s abortion. They also accused the royal family of lying and not being able to protect them.

It is noteworthy that Prince Harry and his wife Megan, officially known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, gave up their royal duties in March 2020, saying that they wanted to start a new life in the United States, away from media harassment.

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