I’m not good at marketing myself.. and I don’t care about making the audience happy

Multiple talents and active participation, in the balance of the Emirati artist Salama Al Mazrouei, who mastered the movement between media experiences and the worlds of music, leading to acting, “dubbing” and “cartoon” series, and other creative fields that she succeeded in entering, leaving her mark in it, and embodying her ability to Communicating her positive artistic messages and crossing cultural barriers, which was reflected in her recent experience in the new Indian movie “Aisha”.

Al-Mazrouei admitted her lack of inclination to artistically market herself on social media and digital spaces, and her shortcomings in this aspect, adding: “I may have wronged myself, but I do not like (social media), nor do I have time or space to display contents without any goal or message. I am not against these media, but I care more about developing my experience and appearing in a way that befits my talent and makes my fans happy.

Al Mazrouei revealed to “Emirates Today” some details of her participation in the film, which was directed by the Indian Amir Palekar, starring famous names in Bollywood, such as: Radial Riza and Shamsuddin, as she plays a central character in the work. She said: «I was very happy to participate in this international film, in which I stand alongside the star Mango Warrior, relying on my artistic balance and my proficiency in the Saudi dialect, which contributed to my success in the experience of presenting a basic character. I believe that the Emirati and Arab audiences will follow it with interest, just as it was a source of interest. And the appreciation of the Indian audience, who flocked in large numbers to watch the premiere of the film in Saudi halls, at a time when one of the film’s review panels succeeded in achieving the trend by reaching millions of views on social media. She pointed out that the filming of the work took place in the Emirates, specifically in Ras Al Khaimah, to bring together actors from Egypt, Syria and Tunisia.

difficulties.. and faith

Regarding the difficulties she faced in this film in particular, Al Mazrouei indicated her fear at the beginning of some technical and cultural aspects, which could be included in the new Indian work, which prompted her to discuss its details and social and artistic messages with the scriptwriter to clarify the image of the character and dive into it, and thus the success of its delivery. For Arab and Indian audiences alike, stressing that “Aisha” is a global film that champions the positive messages and sublime human values ​​enshrined in Arab culture, such as: tolerance, sophistication, love and appreciation for people.

And she expressed her wish that the movie “Aisha” would open the doors for her to high-level international participation, especially after her rich artistic experience in the Emirates, which she described as diverse and comprehensive.


Al-Mazrouei acknowledged her tendency to work in cinema at the expense of dramas, despite her extensive experience on the silver screen locally and in the Gulf, in order to achieve some of the goals of Arab expansion and reflect her talent to a wider audience. She said, “Let us admit that local dramatic productions are relatively few and do not exceed the limits of Ramadan works. For this reason, I had to think outside the box and search for new artistic windows that would allow me to renew my experiences and views of the audience. Although I am proud of the wide number of beautiful participations in successful and well-known Emirati works, I hope that Emirati drama makers and producers pay attention to the importance of openness to external creative experiences, whether Gulf or Arab, which today has become a demand and condition that cannot be ignored in the equation (artistic renewal). The UAE is characterized by an open environment that, in turn, allows for the deepening of successful and influential creative encounters and cross-pollination.

Thoughtful choices

Al-Mazrouei stopped at her artistic beginnings in 1992, which accompanied radio experiences and children’s programs, and her participation in a number of short cinematic works for students of Zayed University in 2008, before she thought of specializing and studying acting arts at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Cairo, and then studying composition and Andalusian stanzas. And playing the oud at the Arab Eastern Institute of Music, through which I wanted to delve deeper into the musical vocabulary and contribute effectively to preserving the vocabulary of the musical identity and the Emirati artistic heritage.

And she continued: «After my absence from some artistic participations, I released a successful lyrical album, but today, I return to recording an active presence in the world of music, and that, through the Tarab songs portal in which I dealt with elite creators of the Arab Gulf, such as: Ahmed Moftah, Amer Al-Kathiri and Al-Mihdhar. , to present a new lyrical album titled (The Last News of My Heart), which will see the light soon. And succeeded (From Your Sweetness), which is one of the songs of the new album, in winning the Cairo Academy Award for the video clip, after it was directed by the Iraqi Haider Karim.

Big toll

The artist, Salama Al Mazrouei, is proud of her diverse and many dramatic results in works such as: “Akhdar Oud”, “Silence of Revealing”, “The Paths of the Mountains”, “Al Ghafah”, “Bahr al-Layl”, “Al-Marqab”, “Leaves of Love”, and other works that She established the brilliance of her local fame, at a time when the step of working in the “Ashfan Al-Qatto” series, in addition to the “Mansour” cartoon series, was the artistic pillar that gained her sufficient experience.

Salama Al Mazrouei:

• “I hope that Emirati drama makers and producers will pay attention to the importance of openness to external creative experiences.”

• “I return to recording my musical presence, through a new album titled (The Last News of My Heart), which will see the light soon.”

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