Interviews with Prince Harry hint at revealing the struggles of the British royal family

Days after Prince Harry’s memoirs were mistakenly put up for sale before their official release date, with new allegations of rift and conflict within the royal family in… BritainA series of television interviews with him will begin broadcasting Sunday, with the potential for more attacks damaging the monarchy.

Harry’s book “Spear” went on sale in Spain last Thursday, 5 days before its official release, and the book not only lists minute personal details, such as how he used drugs, but also reveals private, more intimate cases of family disharmony.

The book says he was overthrown in a quarrel by his older brother, heir to the throne Prince William, and that the two brothers begged their father, King Charles, not to marry his second wife, Camilla, who is now the queen.

Commentators say the book sparked the biggest crisis of the monarchy since the days of the 1990s series about the collapse of Charles’s marriage to the late Princess Diana and mother of William and Harry.

And all this comes just 4 months after the death of Queen Elizabeth and Charles’ accession to the throne.

It was the first time Harry had publicly attacked the Queen Consort, saying she had “sacrificed” him to improve her public image by leaking details of a conversation she had with Prince William to the press as part of her orchestrated plan to marry Charles against his son’s wishes.

The 410-page book reveals “the bitterness the Duke felt at the way he was treated by his family” and recounts private conversations and a range of grievances he felt towards the King and Queen Consort (Camilla) and the Prince and Princess of Wales (his brother and his wife).

Referring to her as “the other woman,” Harry said Camilla played a role in the death of his mother, Princess Diana, because “she was instrumental in destroying his parents’ marriage.”

Harry says he and his brother William were willing to forgive her if she made their father happy, but they told King Charles they would welcome her into the family only if he did not marry her.

Harry says in his memoirs: “All we asked was that he not marry her. We begged him, saying that he did not need to marry again, and that having a wedding would make the country and the whole world compare our mother to Camilla, which no one wanted.”

But King Charles did not respond to them, but Harry says in his book that Camilla “wasted no time to move forward with her long-term strategy, which was a plan directed towards marrying Charles and, over time, reaching the crown.”

Harry likened his first encounter with Camilla to “taking an injection,” saying he told himself: “Just close your eyes and you won’t feel a thing.”

The duke revealed that the king begged him and his brother not to make his final years “miserable”, and criticized his father for not embracing him when he told him of the death of his late mother, Princess Diana.

Harry claimed that Prince William called his wife, Meghan Markle, “a difficult and rude person” before pushing him to the ground, saying: “He broke my necklace after pulling me by the collar of my shirt.”

For the first time, the duke also revealed the existence of differences between his wife and Princess of Wales Kate (Prince William’s wife), as he launched many criticisms of his sister-in-law, claiming that she demanded an apology from Megan after she said she had a “child’s mind”.

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