Intisar reveals the reason for the shrinking number of female comedians: people are no longer as elegant as they used to be

The artist admitted victorythat Egyptian art is currently witnessing a scarcity in the number of female artists who specialize in presenting comedy, and she said that the number of laughing stars in Egyptian drama now does not exceed the fingers of one hand, and the reason is that comedy is basically a “very rare talent”, and the difficulty of life has removed the smile from most women. .

She added, during a phone call to the “Hazrat Al-Citizen” program, which is presented by the journalist Sayed Ali on the “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” channel, that the number of male artists presenting comic art is much greater, but it is clear that the talent has decreased on both sides.

She justified the small number of talented comedians, saying: “Today its rhythm is fast and life has remained a little dark in color. People are no longer as elegant as in the past. They go to theatre, cinema, market and downtown.”

Intisar talked about her new series, “The Story of the Mamiz Group”, and said that she lives the atmosphere and the issue raised by the series, in her real life.

She pointed out that all mothers in Egypt complain about the “mamiz group,” commenting: “There are differences of opinion and they threaten each other. The group includes the dominant woman, the one who wants to change the universe, and the one who wants to control the Ministry of Education and change the education laws.”

At the same time, she noted that these groups are sometimes useful and cannot be canceled, stressing the importance of ending the phenomenon of excessive interference by some mothers in education affairs.

She stated that she thanked God for the works of art in which she participated over the past years, despite the surrounding global circumstances, concluding: “I kissed my hands, sh and back, and said, Praise be to God, I took my right, and when I looked back, I was where and where I stayed, this in itself is a blessing.”

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