Kuwaiti Shams challenges Sama Al-Masry and loses the compass of shyness. She appeared in transparent clothes, revealing her charms scandalously

Riyadh – Ruwaida bin Abbas – The Kuwaiti star, Shams, shared her fans, followers and fans through her account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site, with her latest photo.

And the artist, Shams, appeared while she was in a dancing position, with one of her hands on her waist and upper buttocks, and the other raised to the top, and her charming eyes looking towards the second.

In this look, the Kuwaiti star wore a tight and transparent dress that revealed all her details very clearly, including the chest, abdomen and shoulders completely, and she chose an attractive and soft hairstyle, her short locks falling on her shoulders.

Yesterday, the Kuwaiti actress, Shams, appeared to her fans and followers through the famous photo and video exchange site “Instagram”, in bold clothes.

And the Kuwaiti star announced in her comment on this look, saying: “Whoever will marry me does not need two, three, and a quarter.

Comments of her followers flooded on the new image of Shams, many of her followers, including expressions and words of admiration, flattery, flirtation, love, as well as harassment. Among those comments, a follower wrote, saying: “By God, his mother called him to marry you, I love you,” and a follow-up commented: “You shortened all the females, the sweet sun.” A follower said In love: “From the insanity that thinks of others…”.

It is noteworthy that the last work of the Kuwaiti star, Shams, is the song “Kahraba”, which was released last September, and it is the first song of her new album in the Egyptian dialect, which bears the name “Schizophrenia”.

The album includes 14 songs, in which she collaborated with a number of poets and composers, most notably Ayman Bahjat Qamar and Khaled Ezz, and the rest of the album’s songs will be released successively over the coming weeks.

Gulf 365 is unable to publish this offensive image out of respect and appreciation for our followers

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