Lilia al-Atrash and Yazan al-Sayed are among them.. The stars of “The Divination” talk about the advantages of the decathlon

Syrian director Yazan Sharbatji continues filming the scenes of the series “The Oracle”, the idea of ​​​​Bashar Al-Sarim and Muhammad Al-Ali, written, screenplay and dialogue by Hamza Al-Lahham, and the production of Shelf Drama, of the quality of short series, consisting of ten episodes, belonging to the category of psychological drama, suspense and mystery.

The work brings together a number of stars of the Syrian drama, including Jafra Younes, Yazan Al-Sayed, Lilia Al-Atrash, Tulin Al-Bakri, Hema Ismail, Hussein Abbas, Abdel-Fattah Al-Muzayen, Mai Merhej and a number of young faces.

The “Fuchsia” camera was behind the scenes of filming, and it met the makers of the work and some of its stars, who talked about the advantages of the decathlon, which deals with interesting topics, and presents different psychological states within an enjoyable and modern social template.

And the director, Yazan Sharbatji, indicated in his interview with “Fuchsia” that he was searching with the work makers for a name other than “The Oracle”, considering that this type of drama is popular with the audience, and is required for platforms and satellite channels, and he sought to present work outside the box within the suspenseful context. Just as action figures range between good and evil, there is no absolute good or absolute evil.

And Lilia Al-Atrash expressed her happiness at participating in the work, as it is the first time that she participates in Asharia, where she presents the character “Faten”, who is a woman with principles and loves the truth, who is going through a difficult incident that drives doubt into her life.

And the artist Yazan Al-Sayed indicated that he presents the character of a “lawyer” who goes through many problems, and is closely related to work events.

The producer, Tammam Salameh, also talked about the beginning of the idea, how to work on it, and his wishes for the Decathlon to achieve success and difference when the show was presented.

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