Live broadcast of the Saudi Idol program, episode 4, fourth – mbc1 channel directly

Live broadcast of the Saudi Idol program, episode 4, fourth – mbc1 direct channel, Where the excitement of the Saudi Arabian singing program “Saudi Idol” continues saudi idolIn the fourth episode, which is scheduled to be shown this evening, Wednesday, December 28, 2022, via channels mbc MBC.

It is expected to be witnessed The fourth episode of the Saudi Idol program The emergence of many singing talents that attracted the jury consisting of 4 of the most prominent emerging artists in the Arab artistic community.

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Saudi Idol program, episode 4, complete on mbc1 channel

Sawa News Agency presents to you Live broadcast Watch episode 4 of the Saudi Idol program on the MBC channel, mbc directly, Coinciding with the start of today’s episode, as it will start, at exactly nine thirty Saudi Arabia time.

To watch the Saudi Idol program, episode 4, on the Shahid platform, after it was shown on mbc Click here

The applicants auditioned for Saudi Idol program Their singing performance in front of the judges was Majid Al Mohandes and Ahlam Al Shamsi, in addition to Asala and Aseel Abu Bakr.

Just before a show The fourth episode of the Saudi Idol program, There are many contestants whose performance won the admiration of the judges to qualify for the next stage.

On the other hand, some of the participants who applied for auditions from different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did not qualify Saudi Idol program, which is broadcast on mbc channels.

The date of the Saudi Idol show on mbc1:

Fans of the first Saudi singing competition program are looking for a date to be shown on television. , Where The Saudi Idol program was launched Last Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Sawa news agency offers you The date of the presentation of the Saudi Idol program, so It will be shown on MBC channels on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at exactly nine thirty in the evening, Saudi Arabia time.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turki Al-Sheikh, had announced the launch Saudi Idol program, Pointing out that it will be held in partnership between the Saudi Entertainment Authority and the MBC channel group.

Turki Al-Sheikh shared a promotional video for the program, commenting on it, saying: “The land that gave birth to the great stars of the Arabic song 🇸🇦 comes from it. Saudi Idol program On December 20, to discover singing talents on the mbc1 channel and the Shahid platform… sponsored by the Entertainment Authority.

Saudi Idol Jury:

He presides over the arbitration committee The Saudi singing competition program, Saudi Idol A group of the most prominent singing stars in the homeland and the Arab Gulf; To evaluate the performance of the applicants for the program in the best way and convey it to the Gulf and Arab audiences through MBC screens.

and be The arbitration committee of the “Saudi Idol” program Of the four stars in the artistic community, they are:

Emirati artist Ahlam Al Shamsi.

Syrian actress Asala Nasri.

Iraqi artist Majed Al Mohandes.

Saudi artist Aseel Abu Bakr.

Behind the scenes of Saudi Idol:

The first episodes of the Saudi Idol program witnessed many funny situations and attractive talents, which won the admiration of the jury to launch her next career in the program.

The episodes of Saudi Idol began with the “Performance Auditions” episodes, which are shown two days a week, where the approval or rejection of the participants applying for the program is carried out by the jury.

Thus, we have presented to you through Sawa News Agency, live feed to watch Saudi Idol, episode 4, complete, Which is shown on MBC Live and the Shahid platform, where we wish you a pleasant viewing.

Source: Sawa Agency

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