Louay and Reham Abdel Hakim and 80 musicians shine in the celebration of Mohamed Abdel Wahhab in Saudi Arabia

Abu Bakr Salem Theater hosted a musical evening composed by the late Muhammad Abd-alwahab Which was presented by the artist Louay and the artist Reham Abdel Hakim, who presented singing paragraphs in a quiet winter atmosphere, in which the Abu Bakr Salem Theater, in the presence of a distinguished audience, brought back memories of the songs of the late Abdel Hakim. Wahhab communicates with elegant songs.

The lyrical segments were launched under the leadership of Maestro Nader Abbasi’s orchestra, who opened the ceremony with the late great composer’s composition, and the artist Louay started the first paragraphs of the evening with the song “Al Fann”, followed by the artist Reham Abdel Hakim, who stood up and began her first singing relationship with “Malish Amal”, and Louay and Reham took turns on the stage and performed everything. It includes a variety of songs, such as “I love you and give me patience.” They also participated in a duet that brought them together on stage on the song “Yadi”. Bliss”, and the ceremony concluded with the song “Dear”.

It should be noted that Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, an Egyptian musician and one of the notables of Arab music, was called the musician of the generations, and his name was associated with the national anthems. Fawzi al-Jazirli in 1917.

In 1920 he studied the lute at the Arab Music Institute, and began working on radio in 1934 and in cinema in 1933. He was associated with the poet Prince Ahmed Shawqi and composed many songs for the poet Prince, most of which he sang. With his voice and with the melody of Cleopatra and the gondola from the poetry of Ali Mahmoud Taha and others. Singers in Egypt and the Arab countries, including Fayrouz, Umm Kulthum, Laila Murad, Abdel Halim Hafez, Najat Al Saghira, Fayza Ahmed, Warda Al Jazaery, Sabah, Talal Maddah and Asmahan, in addition to being the first discoverers of the artist Ihab Tawfiq. Late eighties.

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