Many do not know who is the son of the star, Bayoumi Fouad.. A rising artist who entered the world of acting from the widest of doors!! – picture

Sometimes children inherit talent from their fathers, and acting comes at the top of those professions that witness the phenomenon intensively, as it moved from the great artists to their children who appeared on the artistic scene, but rather dominated it, so some of them appear in the starring role, and another participates as a guest of honor, and some of them appeared on the scene. Artists since childhood, and some appeared a short time ago, but the common thing between them is their ability to attract the attention of producers and directors, and the hearts of the public to them, so that most of them were able to form a large fan base not only in Egypt But in the Arab world.

Among them is the son of the great artist Bayoumi FouadAs few fans know that he has a young son who works in the artistic side, although “Bayoumi” does not like very much sharing his personal life with his fans.

Who is the son of Bayoumi Fouad?

and son Bayoumi Fouad He is an actor and director called “Mohamed”, as he is currently studying acting and television and film directing and has participated in many artworks in the recent period without the help of his father.

Mohammed Bayoumi Fouad

Bayoumi Fouad: “I did not mediate for my son in art.”

For his part, said the artist Bayoumi Fouadthat art has a “mediation”, but to certain limits, adding: “I did not mediate for my son in art. Muhammad, my son, entered the Film Institute with money, and every year he studies 12 subjects, and he still has not graduated.”

Bayoumi Fouad And his son, Muhammad

“Fouad” indicated, during a special interview with the media, Noreen Shehata, on the “Red Carpet” program, shown on the “Al-Ahly” satellite channel: “My son falls every year, and he may compliment, but he does not compliment, and I am with the teachers and the institute very much,” explaining that courtesy has limits. He continued: “My son is talented, and I can help him, but if he is not talented, he will not be able to complete.”

He added, “I am helping my son and others,” considering that some of the artists’ children were subjected to a prior judgment because they are the children of artists, commenting: “He is in the uniform of Donia Samir Ghanem, Ahmed Al-Fishawy and Ahmed Al-Saadani.

Bayoumi Fouad appeared most in 2022

This she was able to Egyptian cinema The past year 2022 saw several new names emerge, but it also did not go far from the presence of names that have been repeated in many films, and the most prominent of them, like every year, is the star, whether as a co-star or as a guest of honor. Bayoumi Fouad.

Bayoumi Fouad He won first place in the most appearances in 2022, as he was able to participate in 6 cinematic works in most seasons of the year, and appeared in the movie “Kira Walgin”, the most revenue-generating movie in history. Egypt Starring Ahmed Ezz and Karim Abdelaziz, he also participated in the movie “Handing Over the People” starring Donia Samir Ghanem and Hisham Majed, and the movie “Fadl and Nima” starring Majid Al-Kadwani and Hind Sabri.

He also appeared in the movie “At Gun Point” starring Hassan Al-Raddad, Sherine Reda and Mai Omar, and the movie “The Mazinger Plan” starring Yasmine Raees and Hamdi Al-Mirghani, and finally he appeared in the movie “Hashtag Jozni” starring Amir Al-Masry and Mayan Al-Sayed.

Bayoumi Fouad participates in the next season with 4 films

On the technical level, the artist, Bayoumi Fouad, enters the competitions of the 2023 academic year vacation season with 4 films at once, all of them taking place in a comic framework, two of them starring and two others co-starring, so that Bayoumi Fouad will be the star of the season in which he presents 7 new films, and continues. Thus, in his intense presence in the cinema in recent years.

Shalaby movie

start withShalaby moviewho participates Bayoumi Fouad In his starring and scheduled to be shown next January 5, and the work starring Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Robbie, Bayoumi Fouad, Mohamed Radwan, Mohamed Mahmoud, Hatem Salah, Suleiman Eid and a number of other artists, written by Mostafa Hamdy and directed by Peter Mimi, and its events take place in a social comic framework, with The existence of a love story that brings together Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Ruby.

My brother is on the tree

The second films Bayoumi Fouad During the mid-school vacation season isMy brother is on the treeScheduled to be shown next January 18, and starring Ramez Jalal, Nisreen Tafesh, Tara Imad, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Bayoumi Fouad Muhammad Tharwat, Dina Mohsen, famous for “Wizou”, and written by Louay Al-Sayed and directed by Mahmoud Karim, and its events take place in a comic framework.

Two for rent

and tops Bayoumi Fouad Starring a movieTwo for rent“It is scheduled to be shown next January 25, and co-starring Muhammad Tharwat, written by Asmaa Ghazi and directed by Shadi Ali. Bayoumi Fouad And Muhammad Tharwat during the events, and among the artists who participate as guests of honor, most notably Esaad Younis, Mirhan Hussein, Nahed El Sebaei, Tharaa Jbeil Enas Makki, Muhammad Lotfy, Iman Sayed, Salwa Muhammad Ali, Laila Ezz Al Arab and a number of other artists.

Coco Adventures

Fourth films Bayoumi Fouad during the season isCoco AdventuresWho also leads his championship and is scheduled to be shown next February 4, and co-starring Khaled Al-Sawy, Sherine Reda, Ehab Fahmy, Menna Fadali, Muhammad Osama “Os Us”, Nancy Salah, Amr Abdel Aziz, Taher Abu Laila, Iman Mustafa, and a number of Guests of honor include Hamdi Al-Mirghani, screenplay and dialogue by Ehab Nasser, and directed by Ismail Farouk.

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