Maryam Mohamed, a university student who excels in singing for major artists.. Video

She excelled in singing for the great artist Umm Kulthum And Najat and other artists, and her mediator was broadcast after she dazzled everyone who heard her. Maryam Muhammad Metwally Salama, 19 years old, a student in the first year at the Higher Institute for Social Work in Kafr Saqr, Sharkia Governorate, said: I discovered that my voice was beautiful since the softness of my nails when I was almost 10 years old. I was outside Egypt with My family used to hear Mama’s voice reciting the Qur’an and singing religious chants, so I was impressed by her voice and began to recite the Qur’an in front of her.

She added that the school had the greatest role in honing her talent, saying, “I was always the oldest in the morning queue and admired by the teachers and my colleagues. I participated in a Quran recitation competition and got an advanced position in it, and I was honored with a certificate of appreciation.”

She indicated that after her return to Egypt, the family, neighbors, and relatives heard her and were impressed with her voice, and her reputation spread, and she began to participate in family celebrations, and they asked her to sing for the artists Umm Kulthum, Najat and Mayada, then I began to participate in school concerts and sing in them.

She said, “I love old music, and I always listen to Umm Kulthum, with love, originality, Sherine, and Hamaki, wishing to be a well-known artist, and I have my own distinctive mold,” pointing out that her friends had a great impact on her artistic excellence and adherence to art and music, because they encourage her and urge her to imitate famous artists.

She added that she learned the artistic sense from her mother, who influenced her greatly, so that her mother would be the biggest supporter, and she hoped that she would have the opportunity to join any party in which she learns the principles to hone her talent.

She explained, “University life will enrich my talents, and God willing, I will be able to prove myself through it, especially since I have already applied for a competition at the institute after I became famous for it and participated in the major parties at the institute.

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