Menna Tayseer: Theater is the secret of my success and I am always ready to learn

Cairo: Hossam Abbas
The young Egyptian artist, Menna Tayseer, has achieved distinguished steps in the recent period, with her participation in a distinguished role in the episodes of the story “Taj Rasna Baba” from the fourth part of the series “My share and your division” with the artist Salah Abdullah. She also played an influential role in the series “The Return of the Prodigal Father” with Bayoumi Fouad. Which was shown on one of the platforms last Ramadan, and she had a good cinematic contribution to the movie “The Devil’s Game” with Bassem Samra, and she finally participates in an important role that she considers a new shift during the series “In the Wind” with Hind Sabri, Jumana Murad and Iyad Nassar, and she achieved important imprints. In the recent period, in strong works such as “Kings of Jadana” with Mustafa Shaaban and Amr Saad, what supports her credit and presence, and in this meeting with her, Tayseer talks about her recent work, the new stage in her career, and what she plans for in the near future.

* What are you up to now?

I am participating in the series “In the Wind” with an important group of stars, including Hind Sabri, Iyad Nassar, Jumana Murad and Khaled Al-Sawy. We filmed a large part of the events of the series, and this series will be shown soon in a season outside Ramadan. However, its details cannot be disclosed based on the directives of the producer until the series is shown on the screen, and it is a work from the long “foreign format” drama, and it will be a shift in my credit, and I am happy with him and his team and working with his director, Ahmed Khaled Moussa.

* What is the value of your role in the movie “The Devil’s Game”, and what did it add to you?

The character of the journalist “Aseel” that I presented in the events of the film was new and contained details and challenges, and I consider it an addition to my artistic balance, and I benefited from the experience with Bassem Samra and Muhammad Ezz, with whom I had repeated experiences, as well as from working with the director Ibram Nashat, and the film is a good step for me in the cinema, which I hope to I get stronger and more influential opportunities.

Is there a specific film director you would like to work with?

I hope to work with many directors such as Tariq Al-Arian, Marwan Hamed, Hani Khalifa and Tamer Mohsen, and I consider myself at the beginning of the journey, and I am not satisfied artistically from my experiences until now, and I am waiting for many opportunities that put me in a stronger position.

* What did your participation in the story “Taj Rasna Baba” achieve during the fourth part of “My Share and Your Division”?

The story received very strong reactions in the street and with the critics, and its resonance was wonderful with the audience because it presented a wonderful humanitarian issue and had human feelings and feelings about the father’s relationship with his children, and the “Dunia” character that I played was influential and it achieved for me a great success that I did not expect, and I was excited to work because it is different Distinguished and with a strong team, and the series as a whole achieved great success in its previous parts, and I also participated in the episodes of the third part with the story “My Love Who Betrayed.” I am happy with the success of its author, Amr Mahmoud Yassin, and I hope that parts of this work will be repeated.

Important experience

* What about the outcome of your experience in the series “The Return of the Prodigal Father”?

I consider this series one of my important experiences, because it is a comic work with an important star, Bayoumi Fouad, Abeer Sabri, Muhammad Tharwat, Amira Hani, Nour Qadri, and Khaled Mansour.

* Do you have a special interest in Ramadan drama?

I always love the Ramadan drama, and in the season before last I participated in the series “Kings of Jadana”, and it achieved a strong presence for me and moved me to a different area artistically. The Ramadan season remains its importance and sweetness, and I have many works in it that I am proud of, including the sixth part of the series “Nights of Helmia”, and before it was the series “Going and Returning”. With Ahmed El-Sakka, and after him, the series “Kheit Harir” with Mai Ezz El-Din, directed by Ibrahim Fakhr, was preparing for a strong return in the upcoming Ramadan drama, with a distinguished work that will be a surprise.

What exactly does theater represent to you?

Indeed, I am interested in the theatrical activity that the Actors Syndicate holds under its auspices. In this context, I presented the play “Duo Drama” for an hour, directed by me, for an hour, with the participation of my colleague Mustafa Mansour, for which I won several awards for acting, directing, and writing. Because I love theater, and I studied it at the Academy of Arts, and it is the secret of my distinction and success. I presented postgraduate studies, and studying theater in particular cultivates talent and has gained me confidence in myself. Since my study days at the Institute, I presented many international performances, directed many texts, won many awards, and benefited a lot from theater in particular.

challenging roles

* Do you feel that you have reached a state of artistic maturity that qualifies you to play difficult roles?

There is already maturity with experience and a large number of works, and this happened a while ago, so I am no longer a child. I played various roles in different stages of life, and time did not stop me despite my happiness with my innocent features, but I wish to present different roles and love difficult combinations that do not resemble me and require effort and fatigue. My ambition is to move to popular roles. in the next stage.

* Do you still need directors’ instructions and guidance in your work?

I believe in the role of the director very much, and he is the one who owns the work threads, and we must agree with him on all the details of any role I play. I will continue to learn with every experience, and I am ready to enter acting workshops to communicate with the recent development in everything related to the acting profession in all fields, especially with the spread of the phenomenon of platform drama digital and other new and evolving formats.

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