Mervat Amin and Amel Al-Koshari.. Trends ignited communication in Egypt in 2022

The year 2022, which is about to pass, witnessed many events that occupied the pioneers of social networking sites and topped the trend in Egypt for days.

With the approach of the new year, we shed light with you on some of these events and their heroes, who have become the talk of the Egyptians for a while, and one of the most important things that occupied the Egyptians this year Artist’s photo, Mervat Amin In the condolences of the late director Ali Abdel-Khalek, the star of Egyptian cinema in the seventies showed features of sadness, vulnerability and advanced age, which sparked many comments.

Mervat Amin

Mervat Amin

Nor was it delivered Yousra, the artist From bullying and criticism by some who confirmed that age has become clear to her despite attempts to hide it with make-up and cosmetics, by publishing a picture of her during the activities of the Venice International Film Festival in the Red Sea Governorate.



“The Discussion Singer”

As for “discussion singerAs he was called by the media, he led the trend in Egypt for days, after the video in which Ahmed Salem excelled while singing “Bokra Ya Habibi”, which is one of the songs of the artist Warda Al-Jazaerya, winning the admiration of many stars, artists and the public.

At that time, the Egyptian singer and composer Mohamed Nour announced his desire to cooperate with the talented “Naqqash” and to give him a special melody befitting his dazzling voice.

discussion singer

discussion singer

“The Cleaner”

And from art to remarkable street events, we find The owner of “The Koshari Incident”, the cleaner Who met with great sympathy after he was expelled from a famous koshari shop in Cairo because of his clothes, and he remained the talk of social media and the Egyptian street for weeks.

Beginning with hosting the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi for Muhammad the cleaner, inviting him to dinner and securing a suitable job for him, to his entry into the field of singing in cooperation with Issam Shaaban Abdel-Rahim in a new song called “Children of Nine”, which is scheduled to be released soon, according to what he claimed.

This is in addition to his remarkable appearance at the condolences of the great lawyer, Farid El-Deeb, and the prominent journalist, Mufid Fawzi, passing through the news of his arrest in a murder.

Koshari incident

Koshari incident

“Amusement Park”

We conclude our tour with the “bridge”, that is, the bridge that occupied the Egyptians with its high height and their claim that it did not conform to the engineering specifications. Great Cairo.

Samira Moussa Bridge's photo

Samira Moussa Bridge’s photo

And it turned out that the bridge on which they shot “Amusement bridgeIt was photographed from close-up angles with some modifications to it through the “Photoshop” program to appear in this controversial way.

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