Moataz El-Demerdash: Karima Mokhtar’s family refused her acting career, and my father paved the way for her news

The journalist, Moataz Al-Demerdash, said that he cites the position of his father, the late great director Nour Al-Demerdash, with his mother, the late great artist, Karima Mukhtar, more than half a century ago.

He added, during his hosting of the “evening dmc” program with the media, Iman Al-Hosary: ​​“My mother’s family was conservative and her family prevented her from working in acting, because it was a shame for them, and my father supported her and paved the way for her to achieve her dream, desire and talent that he felt as a true artist.”

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Karima Mukhtar

In response to a question about the difference between his father’s serious personality and the comic image that he sometimes appeared on the screen, he said: “My father, as a director, was called the dictator, because he was good at controlling the crowds of actors, whether in historical works or dramas that take place in the countryside, and stories of suspense and crime.” .

Noor Al-Demerdash

And he continued, “But when he presented the character of Salah in a small movie on love, and he appeared making a moussaka tray and chasing his beloved Souad Hosni throughout the film, he served the character with his talent and did it right.”

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Moataz Al-Demerdash

During the meeting, journalist Moataz El-Demerdash talked about his appearance in honorary roles on the screen, saying: “I accept appearing in these roles because I consider cinema and drama an archive of the history of Egypt, and I consider that I am an extension of a father and mother who contributed to shaping the conscience and culture of society.”

Moataz Al-Demerdash

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