Mohamed Sami: All people have accepted Mai Omar’s success and are upset that she is not with me in the new series | news

Director Mohamed Sami responded to the constant attack on his wife, actress Mai Omar, accusing her of continuing her acting career because of her husband.

During his meeting on the program “Radio Beydhk” presented by Fatima Mustafa on Radio 9090, Muhammad Sami said that he presented Mai Omar at the beginning as a director, and she met with great success, and that the street audience, producers, and channels accepted this success, but this success was not accepted by some, and the reason for them is Muhammad Sami, and that There are those who mourn the absence of Mai Omar with him in the new series.

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And Muhammad Sami added, “They feel that she always works through the agency, and we excuse them because there will remain talented and educated people among them and their chance will be scratched. They feel that if they were in my place, I or Mai, they would have succeeded more than us, and we are not the only ones who are exposed to it, in an old and very important actress and her husband is a director.” Kabir, and until now they say that her husband is the reason for her success.

Muhammad Sami used a previous statement by the late journalist Mufid Fawzi, praising him for Mai Omar’s strong talent, noting that her only problem is that her husband, Muhammad Sami, as many of the audience attribute her success to him, and that she works by means.

Muhammad Sami added, “Mufid loved Mai very much, and he always spoke to her and congratulated her on her work, and he was a fan of her, and his words are true, but this is our destiny to say this and we are receptive.

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