Muhammad Hamaki: I separated from my wife for two years, and I did not declare this in order to prevent transgression

revealed the star Mohammad Hamaki He separated from his wife there for two years, where he said: I was keen not to declare the separation so that no transgression would occur from anyone, and the separation was caused by a stage of misunderstanding that many go through, and we chose the easiest solution to rest from each other, but this was not a solution, as the two years were Very hard and every night before bed I thought what if I got married.

Hamaki added, during his hosting of the “Her Excellency” program, which is presented by the artist, Esaad Younis, and broadcast on DMC: Sometimes separation is beneficial, as it makes you stand in front of the mirror and wonder if you have made the necessary effort, and we decided to return. By the way, I love Nahla very much, I love her with my mind and my feelings, and about his relationship with his daughter, he said: I am a corrupt father, sane, responsible, afraid and reassuring, all this I do with her and she loves music very much and plays Drums.

And about his childhood, Hamaki said: I remember we were summering in Arish, and by the way, it is a very beautiful country. And I was very troublesome and always got my brother Tariq in trouble. I remember one time my mother asked to get her food from a store in front of the house and we were very late and my father started looking for us and after a lot of time we found a hole in a house under construction walking for pipes so Tariq punished my brother with beatings and I refused that so he punished me by Tariq took Al-Ahly match and left me at home.

Mohamed Hamaki’s last song, “Adrenaline”, was written and composed by Aziz El Shafei and arranged by Tamim, and the song exceeded 46 million views on YouTube. Mohamed Hamaki also recently released his song “Exceptional Beauty” on his official YouTube channel, in which he collaborated with the lyricist Tamer Hussein and composer Aziz El Shafei. , and music distributor Tamim.

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