Muhammad Hamaki reveals secrets about his life..Why did he hide the news of his separation?

Exciting secrets and scenes revealed by the Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki about himself, during a meeting in which he was a guest of the Egyptian media, Esaad Younis, in a recorded episode to celebrate the New Year.

Hamaki talked about his personal life, and his separation from his wife for two full years, without disclosing the matter or publishing it in the media, which he justified by his desire not to cause any transgression against his wife, in the event that the matter was announced.

The easy solution

He also indicated that the lack of understanding was the reason for the separation, so he and his wife resorted to the easy solution, which is separation, but every night he was thinking about this matter, and what if his ex-wife married someone else.

Which caused them to return to each other again, to reveal his great love for his wife, Nahla, who decided to leave his place of residence, and go to live in the Sixth of October City, so that his wife would remain close to her family.

Hamaki talked about his childhood, and his going to the resort every year with the family, as his family trusted in his artistic taste, and entrusted him with the purchase of the album they listened to on that vacation.

He explained that his mother had an artistic sense, and her voice was good and she was good at singing, while his father encouraged him to take this important step in his artistic career.

Tonight, Samra.

Hamaki recalled what happened between him and King Mohamed Mounir in the first meeting, where Hamaki was singing at a friend’s wedding, and Mohamed Mounir attended the ceremony, so that Hamaki hurried to perform the song “Tonight, Samra”, and Mounir joined him singing, after which Hamaki presented the song “Al-Madina”.

Mounir listened to him, and then he left quickly. Hamaki kept asking himself about the reasons for his departure, and whether he liked him or not, but he was surprised by Mounir while he was leaving another wedding party, to address him, saying, “The city is a trust, Hamaki, and it is a discovery of your voice.” Since then, he has been carrying this trust. .

Tired and crazy

Hamaki revealed the scenes of his relationship with Amr Mostafa, describing him as an excessively tired and crazy person, to recall what happened during the composing of the song “Ahla Haga Vicky”.

Where Mustafa composed it while he was wearing pajamas, after Hamaki went to his house, because he refused to come to the studio, so Hamaki told him that he wanted to show him something in his car, and as soon as Amr Mostafa rode, Hamaki drove to the studio, and there Amr Mostafa put the melody, and he did not remember the name song after he left the studio.

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