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After a severe attack on him from some pages concerned with women’s rights on social media, about his revival of concerts in Egypt, due to the accusations leveled against him about 6 years ago, what followed was the refusal of a section of the audience to enter Saad Lamjarred to Egypt and hold his party as part of the celebrations. New Year’s Eve, through the hashtag “We don’t want Saad Lamjarred in Egypt”, but the Musicians Syndicate gave him permission to sing, to confirm his happiness to return to singing for the public in Egypt again in Sharm El-Sheikh, which brings him many memories, speaking in his interview with “Al-Arabiya. Net” about his wife and his dreams of singing and acting during the coming period.

Saad Lamjarred

Saad Lamjarred

* Despite the attack on your presence in Egypt, you held your first party in a long time.. What is your comment?

** I love singing in Egypt, and I was eager and waiting to meet the Egyptian audience always, and for a long time I fulfilled all requests to organize concerts in it, as I will perform a concert soon in Cairo as well, and this is my pleasure, when I receive an offer to sing on the land of Egypt, I do not think about it twice Start.

* And why is the first concert of your return to singing in Egypt with the audience in Sharm El-Sheikh?

** I was happy to present a concert in Egypt, specifically in Sharm El-Sheikh, which I adore. The whole time that I was not able to be present and give concerts in Egypt, I wished to return with a concert in Sharm El-Sheikh, because it makes me rethink my sweet memories with the Egyptian audience, and how they received me in 2015 and 2016, as well as receiving Egyptian artists who encouraged me in 2016, so I loved bringing back these memories and singing in Sharm El-Sheikh.

How do you see your relationship with the Egyptian public?

** There is a great chemistry between me and the Egyptian audience. The song “You Are a Baghia Wahid” is what made the Arab audience listen to the songs he released, such as “Habibi Malo”, and other songs before which the song “You Are a Teacher” was released, which was a watershed in my artistic career.

* At the last concert in Egypt, she presented a new song.. Tell us about it

** Indeed, I presented the song “Nafsi See you” with which I concluded the concert, and I was pleased with the audience’s reaction to it, and it is one of the words of Hani Eid Al-Karim, and until now it has not been distributed, so I sang it on the piano only, and I really hope to work with Salah Al-Sharnoubi, Walid Saad, Aziz Al-Shafi’i and others One of the distinguished Egyptian composers and poets. I also hope to present a song for children, which is what I am striving for in the coming period.

Saad Lamjarred

Saad Lamjarred

* And which of the Egyptian artists do you follow?

** I love listening to Ahmed Sheiba and Amr Diab. I love his choices, intelligence, and continuity, and “The King” Mohamed Mounir, who has no competition. The truth is that all Egyptian artists are very wonderful, and I also follow the artist, Tamer Hosni.

* I recently got married to Ghaitha Al-Alaki..so we talked about it

** She is the number one fan for me, and one of the soldiers who knows in secret with the time I presented the first song in my musical life, and she helped me and was always by my side, working to present new and diverse ideas, and therefore I consider her a real support for me.

Saad Lamjarred and his wife

Saad Lamjarred and his wife

Is there any thought of acting?

** I have already read several scripts for cinema films, as I am trying to study the topic of acting, but I am looking for a role that is close to me, especially at the beginning, and I hope that the audience will accept me as an actor, as they loved me as a singer, and so that this step is good and appropriate. I am trying to study the subject of acting, so that the step is sweet, and I hope that I am acting, and I want a role in the first place that is close to Saad, so that people will accept it.

Saad Lamjarred

Saad Lamjarred

* A picture of you recently spread with the Indian star Salman Khan, so what is the reason for your presence in India?

** I was filming a Moroccan song there entitled “Yalala”, where a new duet will be released that brings me together with a famous Indian actress, with Indian performances, and it contains part of Indian romance, and there is a part in which I will sing in Hindi and she will sing in Arabic, as if it was a short Indian movie.

* What about the new?

** I will be releasing a song in the Egyptian dialect soon, and I finished a song in the Spanish dialect, and another in an African language. My ambition and goal is to sing in all dialects in English and Egyptian and an African song, and to reach the world as a Moroccan Arab. This is my ambition.

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