National Cat Day 2019: Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day

Cats. When they are not scratching furniture (or your skin), they’re napping, purring, snuggling chunks of joy.

They’ll probably celebrate National Cat Day the identical way.
But unlike your beloved feline, you’ve only got one life instead of nine. So live life to the fullest or have a cue from a cat and laze about to honor man’s additional best friend.

View cat videos in a big way
Did cats invent social media? Obviously not; they don’t have opposable thumbs. But their impact on the medium can not be overstated — from Keyboard Cat,”I Can Haz Cheezburger” into DJ Kitty, the mythical cats starred in videos made to be shared and GIF’d to oblivion.

So honor the internet cats of yore with a kitty video binge. Science says it is good for you!

And of course, pour one out for the inimitable Grumpy Cat, a feline Instagram pioneer who passed away earlier this year.

National Cat Day organizers want cats to find great homes, and the occasion is a fine time to consider adopting a cat from a shelter or pet rescue organization.

Volunteering at a local shelter or donating blankets, pet toys and food are also pleasant ways to celebrate the kitties of the world.

Have a hot drink at a cozy cat cafe
Cat cafes have existed for at least 20 years, but it’s a classic concept: While the caffeine raises your pulse, the soothing pur of a fuzzy cat brings it back down — it’s treatment for the cost of a piping hot beverage.

The snuggles, however, are free (but exercise caution if you pick them up — these are cats with claws, after all).

There are over 125 cat cafes in the US and 150 in Japan and countless more sprinkled like catnip across the globe.

Many shops use adoptable cats, so if you’re taken with your cafe companion, you could have the ability to take them home.

And if you’re worried about furballs end up in your cappuccino (cat-puccino?) , furget about it — most cafes keep the kitties separate from the coffee.

Curl up on the couch
Make like a cat and get idle (bonus points if you can get your cat to cuddle up with you without scratching or biting).

Before cats had millions of Instagram followers, a photographer named Walter Chandoa made a living compiling photos of these into coffee table books in the’50s. That’s right — your grandparents might’ve beat you to the cute kitty craze.

Have a look at his job, and you’ll see the appeal of a teeny kitten transcends time.

Or perhaps you’d like to have a look at cats in starring roles — we propose”The Aristocats,””Puss in Boots” and”Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” which include felines in starring roles.

Take some inspiration from”Artists and Their Cats,” featuring human-kitty pairings, including Salvador Dali with his pet ocelot Babou and Matisse with glossy black stunner la Puce (the flea).

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