Pascal Machaalani reveals the scenes of her new song… and a message to women

In her interview with Sky News Arabia, Mashaalani revealed the scenes of her new song, explaining that she was preparing more than one song, but she fell in love with it. Your love is hurtfulEspecially when I heard it for the first time on the piano and decided to perform it, after I felt that the song’s lyrics touch every woman who has suffered from love.

By asking her about when the state of love turns into harm, she revealed Mashaalani That love becomes harm when a woman gives her soul and life to a man, while he meets her feelings with betrayal, violence, or hurtful words, and in this case she must stop and end the relationship.

Pascal explained that she was keen, through the song, to present her country, Lebanon, in an attractive way, in order to display the charming areas in it, as she filmed the clip “Your Hobak Madhi” in an estate called “Deir al-Qamar”.

She added, “I am happy with the success of the song and its reaching half a million views, just one day after it was released.”

Lebanese colour

Pascal said: “I always focus on the Lebanese color, and I like to show everything beautiful in Lebanon, and for this reason, the song “A Beirut”, which was released last July from the words of Wael Al-Ashqar, composed and arranged by Melhem Abu Shadeed and directed by Ziad Khoury, achieved great success.

music platforms

And I spoke Mashaalani On the impact of music platforms on singing and singers, pointing out that these platforms greatly help the success of songs, although there are works that are subject to injustice.

And about her opinion about some singers competing to renew songs from the Arab Music Library and film them in clips, Mashaalani said: “Yes, for me, I renewed more than one song with my voice, including “Oh Mudaddaq bin Ammi.” Lebanese song The coming period for one of the giants of art, so that the new generation will hear it with a new idea, but I will not announce its owner at the present time.

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