Princess Diana’s chef responds to Prince Harry after he compared his wife, Megan Markle, to being like his mother… an unexpected insult!!

Princess Diana’s cook responded to her son, Princess Harry, and told him that Meghan Markle would not be like Princess Diana, not even like her.

Chef Darren McGrady denied that Meghan Markle was similar to Princess Diana, especially since he had known her closely for 15 years, that is, the most that her son, Prince Harry, knew.

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And Darren McGradley wrote on his page on the social networking site Twitter: “Prince Harry, with respect sir, your wife will never be like or similar to your mother, I have known Princess Diana for 15 years / not even a relative of her.”

In another tweet, the chef wrote: “I’ve known Prince Harry since I held him as a baby, while Princess Diana was eating cereal in the kitchen at Windsor Castle. That look on his face as his wife was talking and laughing about the moment she bowed to the Queen says it all.” .

It is noteworthy that the journalist Piers Morgan was the first to attack the documentary about Prince Harry and his wife, which he considered disgusting, especially after the duo described the United Kingdom as a racist country, which is the most tolerant place in Europe, as he put it, and he also considered the prince and his wife boring.

In a brief comment on the film, he tweeted on his account on the social networking site, saying: “This movie is worse than Keeping Up with the Kardashians. A work that I did not think would be made by humans.”

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