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As the new year begins, everyone sets goals for the year, and agendas are full of plans to lose weight, sign up for the gym, and save some money. except if CNBC In a report on Saturday, she drew attention to goals that have psychological and personal dimensions, which have gained popularity in previous years, such as enhancing contentment and finding inner peace.

In 2023, 17 percent of people will decide to be “happy,” according to the YouGov poll, an international online market research firm based in the United Kingdom, on a sample of 1,000 adults.

About 12 percent are determined to improve their mental health and 11 percent want to focus on “spiritual matters,” according to the study.

However, people’s goals of reaching spiritual and mental stability and finding peace often clash with the societies in which they live.

So a recent survey focused, Gallupan American consulting and analytics firm based in Washington, on countries where people say they are “always at peace”.

Nicaragua ranked first. CNBC reported that in response to a question: “How often do you feel at peace with your thoughts and feelings?” 73 percent of Nicaraguan respondents said “always.”

This means that those surveyed have positive feelings about their living standards, personal freedoms, and social lives.

And in the lowest salaries came Turkey and other countries, where the respondents answered that they rarely feel peace.

Of the top ten countries where people responded that they always feel at peace, seven of them are in Latin America.

The first ten countries are as follows:
1 Nicaragua
2 Uzbekistan
3 El Salvador
4 Panama
5 Honduras
6 Paraguay
7 Dominican Republic
8 Uruguay
9 South Africa
10 Spain
11 emirates
12 Colombia
13 Senegal
14 Mexico

According to a Gallup study, in Uzbekistan, 72 percent of people said they always feel at peace, and in El Salvador, 71 percent said the same.

The options for the respondents to express their feeling of peace with their thoughts and feelings were “often”, “rarely” or “never”.

For the “often” field, Gallup says that in 27 countries, the majority of people report feeling at peace with their thoughts and feelings regularly. Scandinavian countries and other high-income economies that usually top the list of the “happiest” countries in the world based on their own life assessments also top the list of countries with the largest proportion of the population living at peace. This suggests that it is important to look at well-being in multiple ways, because a single criterion does not describe the whole picture.

And in terms of ranking the countries, in which the largest number of votes came in favor of the answer “often” to the question: “How often do you feel at peace with your thoughts and feelings?”

1 Sweden
2 Iceland
3 Netherlands
4 Norway
5 Finland
6 Denmark
7 New Zealand
8 Australia
9 Germany
10 Canada

And at the level of the “Never” field, in response to the question: “How often do you feel at peace with your thoughts and feelings?” The countries came in the following order:

1 Zimbabwean
2 Turkey
3 Malawi
4 Sierra
5 Congo
6 Cambodia
7 Tanzania
8 Zambia
9 Morocco
10 Georgia

Gallup points out that “peace can mean many things, whether it is calmness and tranquility within oneself or the absence of war. Definitions of peace are usually divided into two main categories: external peace and internal peace. The first is a collective phenomenon, occurring either at the group or community level, in reference to refers to the relationship between people, while the latter is individualistic, centered around a single person, and refers to his state of mind.

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