Rahma Riad is the fourth artist to participate in the 27th Global Village concert season

Dubai: Maha Adel

Global Village hosted, on Wednesday, the lively concert performed by the Iraqi star Rahma Riyad on the main stage, to be the fourth artist to participate in the concert program in the 27th season, after the previous three concerts that witnessed the participation of a group of singing stars in Arab countries and the world who enjoy wide popularity, including, Nancy Ajram, Myriam Fares, and Bollywood star Neha Kakkar.

The concert witnessed a huge turnout from the pioneers of the global village, as the fans of the Iraqi singer, who has a melodious voice, gathered in front of the stage hours before the concert, to enjoy her performance and the melodies of Iraqi music with its authentic oriental rhythms and melodies.

Rahma Riad won the admiration of the audience, with a group of her most famous songs, which garnered millions of views on social media, the most famous of which is the song “The Planet”, which the audience demanded to present since she ascended the stage, and the young artist responded to the desires of her fans, who chanted with her the words of her songs in a collective voice.

Rahma Riad surprised her audience by sitting on the edge of the stage, to be at the closest point to them, and presented them with her famous song “The Planet”, which is characterized by dreamy music, which added a state of intimacy between her and the audience.

She also presented a selection of her most beautiful songs, which delighted the audience of the village, which was dominated by the Arab character.

The Global Village gave its pioneers, who are fans of the Iraqi artist, in partnership with Radio 99, an opportunity to meet their favorite star and spend time with her behind the scenes of the ceremony, by participating in an “online” competition announced on the stage before the start of the ceremony, where those wishing to participate carry out some quick tasks through the pages of The village’s communication sites and Radio 99, and a random selection took place before the start of the ceremony, so that one of the fans would win a meeting with her favorite star, and she would have the opportunity to photograph with her before she went on stage. The meeting, which the media was interested in recording, was full of feelings of love and enthusiasm on both sides, and the contestant expressed her great happiness With this opportunity that you will not forget, the hug was the language of dialogue between the artist and the winning contestant.

The ceremony was characterized by a state of interaction and response between Rahma Riad and her audience, which was dominated by the youthful character, which increased enthusiasm throughout the ceremony, which began for an hour and a half of continuous rapture, and chants of admiration and shouts of fascination with oriental music and words echoed.

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